The power of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

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Our heart chakra, an energy point within the body stores our emotions. A lot of suppressed pain and wounding from unresolved past life experiences, through to inner child pain and present life trauma – lie deeply buried within the chambers of our heart. These feelings can keep us locked in the past and living with old energy!

In order to release this pain and suppressed feelings from the heart, I work with simple techniques to open up the heart chakra and strengthen feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love.

This has become a ‘first thing in the morning’ daily practice for me. It brings through higher feelings of love and compassion and I often remember to come back to this place when I am struggling in the moment, with more negative feelings.

By intentionally bringing through these higher frequency feelings, we create deeper connections with our inner self and with others in our life.

By enabling ourselves to truly let go, we will start to notice a change in our relationships and a shift of focus on life in general.

As we work more with these higher feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love, we notice that other people’s behaviour changes towards us! 

I often use  the following Heart opening technique and Forgiveness mantra to enhance these higher feelings within myself.


Heart opening technique and Mantra of Forgiveness:


Bring to mind a situation, person or organisation with whom you have been struggling with recently.


Be intentional as you bring your focus down into your heart chakra and see, sense or feel your heart opening up and releasing any pain and tension.


Repeat the following Mantra with intent and feeling:


‘I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry and I thank-you’


Download the Forgiveness Mantra:

This Mantra is based on the ancient Hawaiian Mantra of Forgiveness and enables us to bring through these higher feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love for all.

This in turn creates energetic space for more positive emotions and resolution, bringing in peace and joy and letting go of anger and frustration.

Trust and surrender through the heart also play a big part in the act of Forgiveness. They enable you to see the spiritual meaning behind everything that happens to you and help you to come from a heart-based consciousness.

 Buddhist monks call this Compassion. In our Western civilisation, Compassion is often mistaken for the act of feeling sorry for someone else – which is one aspect of Compassion. True Compassion comprises the bedrock of the Buddhist traditions and is a deep, pure love and forgiveness that is embodied at every moment of our lives, despite the situation or person standing in front of us and their attitude towards us.

 At the end of the day, it is not about the other person, situation or organisation and the wrong that they may have inflicted upon us, but about the lessons that we can learn from that situation or altercation. Ultimately, we cannot change or control anything on the outside of our inner world but we can change the way we feel about them and the embodiment of Forgiveness absolutely enables us to truly let go and bring through Unconditional love.


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