Why I perceive times of struggle a gift


What is a Spiritual Initiation?

We all have periods in our lives when we are faced with difficult circumstances. This is irrespective of who we are, where we live in the world and how spiritually elevated, we have become.


We could be faced with a health-crises; lost a job; grieving for a loved one; or going through a divorce. Any difficult or potentially life changing circumstance will push and challenge us.


We may even experience an internal struggle – something that affects us spiritually, for example a disconnection from our true and higher self, or an inability to discover more of our destiny and purpose. These can present real challenges for us.


During these times of struggle, the shadow aspects of our personality tend to surface or become more amplified. This helps us to become more aware of them and have an opportunity to overcome them. Every one of us has ‘shadow aspects’ to our personality – these are the more negative or challenging aspects of ourselves.


However difficult and intense these periods of struggle seem, they present a golden opportunity for us to grow and evolve in consciousness. If we were not faced with challenging circumstances, we simply would not grow, shift and change within ourselves and we would stagnate. This is the very nature of duality – the negative circumstances allow us to grow in a positive way to become more whole and complete.


These difficult periods in our lives are what we call Spiritual Initiations.


The more we welcome these difficult circumstances and bless the change learning not to fear it; the more we allow ourselves to surrender to it. This allows for transformation to occur deep within ourselves as we release our limiting emotions and blockages which will surface to clear.


By clearing more of this denser negativity from our emotional patterning, we are allowing our higher attributes and gifts to awaken within us. We all have about 20 higher gifts and talents.


What I have experienced personally is that when embarking on our spiritual journey or pushing our spiritual growth, we will experience more initiations in our lives.


When I do any training for Transference healing, or I hold groups and run energy and sometimes when I have clients that come to me for a Transference Healing session, I will experience initiations in the lead up.


During these initiations we are being given the opportunity to purify our negative and denser emotions, thoughts, intent and ego. In other words, we are being given a chance to clear more of the debris and density within ourselves to allow the inevitable change and transformation and to embody more light within ourselves.


Following purification of our mental and emotional bodies, we then embody and become that change, by integrating this transformation into our reality. This is not always an easy process! This is because loved ones will feel this shift within you and will probably be triggered to shift themselves. This can cause resistance as we all have free will. You simply have to hold this change within yourself!!



What to do when we are in a Spiritual Initiation



During these times of spiritual initiation, recognise and be mindful of the process that you are going through and keep the faith that this is divinely orchestrated for your higher good. Nurture yourself by doing what is right for you and not because you feel you should!


On a moment by moment basis, connect into your heart and listen to your intuition to ensure you make the right decisions for you.


Be more intentional and heart-felt in your spiritual practices and daily activities.


Surrender is key in these times – remember you are not giving in to the circumstances that have arisen but allowing events to unfold. It is different!


Allow yourself to release and feel the denser thoughts and feelings in order to release them. Remember they are coming up to clear.


Hold you light and be steady. Know that these circumstances are for your higher good and that family members are simply getting triggered because they feel the shifts within you. They may even feel a little confronted as they feel your internal power!


When emotionally releasing, go within, recognise it for what it is and try not to blame and project out.


Remember that it is OK to feel these things and that this will help to keep the faith that you WILL shift through this.


If you feel stuck within this process and it has been going on for a few weeks, then seek support. A healing modality like Transference Healing, will shift you through your initiation more rapidly.


Crystals can help to support us through this process. There are a great many crystals that have different properties. Recently, when I was in a spiritual initiation, I was drawn to work with several crystals. I either have them near me, I wear them as jewellery and have them in the bed at night, so that they can continue to help my clearing process:


Selenite - helps to stabilise and balance emotions.

Carnelian – enhances motivation, endurance, leadership skills, courage and helps to balance the emotional body.

Clear quartz point – is the stone of power. It amplifies intention and energy and relieves negativity.



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Remember, this is a big teaching and you will probably find as you listen to this training that you will be clearing and releasing some emotional debris…Support yourself as much as you can. Listen to your intuition so that you can make the perfect decisions for yourself in the moment. Be intentional and heart felt with your spiritual practice. Stop, simply be and don’t forget to breathe….

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