Why so many of us are feeling challenged at the moment


This year there has been an incredible amount of planetary realignment and general cosmic activity in the form of super moons, eclipses and planets in retrograde. We are also in an 11 year, in other words a ‘Master year’, which, in numerological terms, heralds a year for change and transformation.

Energetically speaking things have been incredibly intense, and we have all felt challenged in different ways throughout the year, because we are being impacted by this cosmic energy.

Recently, both the planets Mercury and Venus, have been in retrograde. This means that they slow down and appear as though they are going backwards in the sky.

Astrologically speaking, the way these planets impact, influence and support us, has not been the same as normal. Our relationships, ability to love ourselves and others; our ability to communicate; connect and express our truth, has been very much impacted by these retrogrades.

We entered a new moon phase within the lunar cycle during the first week of December, thus bringing new changes. We are in the lead-up to the Solstice (the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere and the welcoming back of the light) signifying the death of the old year and the birthing of a new one.

We are currently in a pre-eclipse period, January 2019 being an eclipse month. This energetically pushes us to clear more of those aspects of ourselves that are no longer needed, for example, old negative patterning and unresolved emotional pain and weakness.

Things have felt so intense for such a long time and this intensity is only going to increase, especially with the eclipse month in January 2019!

All things considered, it is no wonder that so many of us are feeling the intensity and the many challenges that change and transformation brings.


How exactly does this energy impact us



This year, I have witnessed amongst my clients, family, friends and myself included, a varying but definite response to this energy.

Those that are conscious of these cosmic activations, are feeling the struggle, but can navigate more smoothly through their different challenges, than those that are not conscious of it.

Many people have been feeling stressed and lack physical vitality. There have been several times recently, where I have been obliged to lie down and rest during the day, because I have felt so physically exhausted. Many people have had unexplained physical symptoms or old conditions that have flared up in recent months.

Some of us may be experiencing an increase in negativity, anxiety or even a little depression. We may be judging ourselves and others more than usual. Consequently, our relationships have been impacted.

This energy is constantly pushing us to look at and let go of the things that no longer serve us. We are also being driven to create the changes and transformation in our lives, in a way that is unique to us. We are being guided to show our true, authentic selves and not be afraid to start something new, even if others are already doing it. It is about doing things in our own unique style and not allowing our limiting beliefs and low self-worth to get in our own way!

Prioritise what we love and value. Do not do what we don’t resonate with! Being true to ourselves within a group or community is powerful, as it gives permission to others to do the same.


How can we support ourselves in the intensity of these energies?


If you are the ‘glue’ in your family unit, who holds and binds the other members together, then be kind and nurturing to yourself first and foremost. Do what feels intuitively right for you and put yourself first in order to help yourself and others.

Be mindful of these intense cosmic activations that are impacting and pushing us to let go of the aspects of ourselves that no longer serve a purpose for us.

Listen to my Heart Connection Visualisation twice a day if possible, and try to come back to that place of centredness and heart-connection when the going gets tough.

Ask for help and guidance from your spirit guides and remember to listen to your intuitive guidance.

When faced with a difficult situation, hold your light, sit tight and try not to engage! You are being given a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding of yourself.


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At the moment, I recommend that you listen to my powerful Heart Connection Visualisation at least twice a day, if possible.



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