Why your Intuition should be your new best friend!


Our Intuition is an amazing tool that we all have, but alot of us choose to ignore.


There are many words for our Intuition – ‘spider senses’, ‘inner guidance’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘instinct’, ‘inner voice’, etc.


The word Intuition means ‘inner teacher’ and it does just that!


If we know how to listen to it, it gives us amazing insight into situations that our brain cannot figure out easily. It comes up with the perfect plan; the perfect thing to say; the perfect feelings that cannot be ignored. So yes, my Intuition is definitely MY best imaginary friend.


I have listened to it for a while now…really listened to it. I consult with it, I ask questions of it. It always comes through for me and gives me the best decisions that are perfect for me in the moment. In fact, it never disappoints.  I feel like my inner-confidence and inner-strength and knowing has sky rocketed since I have been paying attention to my own inner compass.

Nowadays, I don’t really feel the need to ask advice of friends or family because my Intuition always comes through for me and I try and take inspired action from it.

Like I always say to my clients, the advice and opinions that they seek from others, are not necessarily the best for them!


Developing my intuitive muscle has, without a doubt, served a huge purpose for me.


How to develop our intuitive muscle:


In order to successfully develop our Intuition, trusting and being open to receive higher guidance is crucial!



Step 1: Setting your intent

While trust takes a while to develop, setting our intent to be open to receive messages in the form of signs, symbols, feelings, seemingly random thoughts from the Universe, can be done from the outset.


Step 2: Still yourself and quieten your mind


Perhaps take time first thing in the morning to carve out 5 minutes for yourself to go within and centre.



Step 3: Start small and be specific

Ask a specific question of your inner guide. If this is all new to you, then start with a small question that doesn’t have a huge consequence for you. Be really specific and concise with your question. Put it out there and wait for a sign, a feeling, a random thought that may pop into your head. Sometimes answers come through immediately, sometimes it may take a few days. But EVERYTHING is answered.


Step 4: Be open to receive

Set your intent to be open to whatever comes through for you. You will know when it is your Intuition and not just wishful thinking, by paying attention to your body. Your body will relax and the guidance will feel right for you. If there is any fear coming up, then this is not your Intuition, these are fear driven thoughts from your ego that loves to be in control!



Step 5: Keep a journal


Keep a journal by your bedside, in your handbag and at work, if need be. You can record any intuitive insight that comes through for you, during the day. Also make a note of the questions that you asked. This will enable you to appreciate your progress and hopefully keep the momentum going.



Step 6: take inspired action


When your questions are answered, take action! This allows the Universe to see that you are paying attention and will in turn reciprocate with more guidance. The more you listen to those subtle whispers of the heart, the stronger and more frequently they will become for you. Consequently, your trust will grow, along with your inner knowing and confidence.


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