What You Get as a ‘Soul Power’ Member


Become a ‘Soul Power’ Member and you will get access to…

Weekly ‘live’ members-only broadcasts  

As a member, you will get access to our Broadcast Hub, hosted on our Facebook Community page.

Every week, you will get a high Frequency meditation procedure that is deeply shifting and balancing and works on releasing Inner child pain and wounding. You will also get an inspired and divined wisdom teaching created for the group and many practical wisdoms including powerful tools and techniques for awakening awareness, soul growth and empowerment.

Receive our soul group card readings

As part of your membership, you will also get weekly, divined soul group card readings, using the Animal Magic deck of cards from the Transference Healing set of tools.

These powerful, high frequency totem card readings will give you insight and guidance for the days ahead. These readings are insightful and often give resolution to existing concerns, a fresh perspective and deeper understanding around an aspect of ourself. 

Weekly live Q and A sessions exclusive to members

Once you become a member of our ‘soul power’ Facebook Community, you can enjoy and benefit from our weekly live Q and A sessions with Zoe.

During our Live weekly broadcasts, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, get live feedback, guidance, tips and techniques tailored to suit your particular needs. 

A special members-only Facebook Support Community

Become a member of our Community of like-minded women, to whom you can connect as often as you like.

This group will give you continual motivation, inspiration, guidance and ongoing support.

This Community presence and support will be instrumental in helping you to sustain your spiritual practice, growth and empowerment.

Special offers and news updates

As an exclusive member, you will be automatically notified of upcoming workshops; special offers and will receive our regular inspirational posts, blog posts and news.

Many of our posts are created to consolidate the teachings from the Live broadcasts and will therefore serve as a reminder of our weekly focus and continue to help shift your consciousness.

Access to past Teachings and Resources

As a member, you will get full access to The ‘Soul Power’ and Whisper Tree past teachings and resources. If you cannot always watch our Live broadcasts, you can always watch in catch up at our teaching and meditaton hub.

10 Day Rock your goddess masterclass

Get access to our exclusive to members 10 day ‘Rock Your Goddess’ Masterclass and learn to fully prepare for your journey of awakening and emppowerment. All resources are downloadable on this masterclass!

Special Bonus Gift:

Goddess Awakens Series

Get access to our, exclusive to members, Goddess Awakens series and learn about ancient Goddess teachings.


Thinking About Joining Our Community?  

These people did - Check out what they have to say...  


"Millie and I have really enjoyed our sessions with you and we both think you're amazing..." Sarah from Kibworth

"Thanks so much again, I love that you’re sharing your knowledge to help others, it’s a wonderful group and I really look forward to each session..." Tracey Saqladi from Countesthorpe

"Just would like to say a very big thank-you for all your help. The Whisper Tree has started a lovely journey." Zach from Lutterworth

"I just wanted to say a huge thank-you from myself and Millie. You have no idea how much you've helped." Sally from Dunton Bassett

"Personally I found it far more informative than I’d expected and got a lot more out of it than if we’d spent the time simply practicing a meditation. You clearly have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and range of techniques though, so I can’t help but feel that a further conversation would be really worthwhile." Nic from Lutterworth 

"I just wanted to tell you about the Frequency Meditations. For me it was amazing, I could see all the colours you were saying and they moved around my body as you were talking. I felt very deeply relaxed and uplifted. The girls have enjoyed and embraced some of the activities you suggested and we are working our way through them slowly. I think it’s a long road ahead but I am feeling hopeful and inspired. Are there any courses that you offer? " Caroline from Derbyshire  

Become a fully fledged ‘Empowerment Journey For The Soul’ Member, for £25/month. Cancellation is possible at any time. Interested in becoming a member? Click on the button below, fill in your details and get instant access:




What happens if I decide I no longer want to be a member?

Contact us here at The Whisper Tree and we will cancel your membership, no questions asked. Membership can be cancelled at anytime. 

What happens if I miss a Live broadcast?

You can watch the broadcasts live or in catch up. All the broadcasts are available in our Facebook Community group and in the meditation and teaching hub. They can be watched as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home.

What can I do if there is a technique that I don't understand or need further explanation?

During each live broadcast you can ask questions in the comment box and I will do my best to answer them during the live session. If you cannot watch the session live but still have questions, then simply contact me in the group and I will answer either to you personally or during the next broadcast.

Does it matter that I am not in the same room as you when you are running energy during the meditation or mini-healings?

Whoever watches the broadcasts, whether live or in catch up, at home or in person at the whisper Tree centre, will be fully impacted by the frequency of the teachings, mini healings and meditations. The more open and receptive you are, the more you will benefit from these magical energies.

During the broadcasts, zoe is chanelling energy with the intent of impacting her viewers. She works at an etheric level whilst running these healing procedures.


Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us:


email: thewhispertree@outlook.com  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhispertree/  

Website: http://www.the-whisper-tree.com/  



Zoe Whitehead  

Founder of the Whisper Tree