Logical Thinker or heart-felt intuitive ?


Why we need both to develop inner-strength and heart-connection:

Recently, I have been working on creating more balance between my ‘thinking and intuitive brains’. When I initially started to work with energy and was stepping onto my spiritual path, I was very much under the illusion that I had to be using my intuitive mind all the time to the detriment of my thinking mind.

I have come to realise, that the mental mind is as important as the intuitive mind and is very much a part of who we are and therefore cannot be ignored!

When the two are brought into balance, we become more powerful within ourselves. We are more able to develop a heart-based consciousness and become more connected and aligned with who we truly are.


Which one are you?

We all have male and female traits and aspects within us. Some can be stronger than others which can cause imbalances within our energy field, behaviours and belief system.

 The way our minds operate also reflects the balance between these two energies.

 I work with many clients and have come to recognise that there is often an imbalance between our thinking, logical brain and our intuitive brain.

 When we are too much in our female energies – we tend to be very intuitive, emotionally open and honest, nurturing, soft, gentle-hearted, sensitive, heart-felt and loving. We are sometimes in sacrifice because we want to nurture everyone to the detriment of ourselves and we can become very ungrounded.

This may seem like a lovely way to live our lives, however, when we are ungrounded, it becomes very difficult to function in everyday life! Routine tasks become difficult to accomplish when we are too ungrounded and may even be avoided!! We find it difficult to focus and get any daily tasks or long-term projects completed, as it is difficult for us to anchor anything into our reality. We can become very psychically open which can cause problems if not fully understood, and we become drained and depleted as we tend to be very sensitive to energies. We can often lack momentum, action, discipline, drive and ambition and due to the lack of these masculine traits, we find it difficult to integrate and function in an everyday world.

When we are too much in our masculine energies, to the detriment of our intuitive mind, we can be too much in our heads. We tend to be the overthinkers and because of this, can sometimes perceive situations and circumstances in the wrong way and lack clarity. We are often unable to make decisions that are perfect for us, as we are not listening to our inner guidance. We may find it difficult to be nurturing towards others and towards our self, because we lack this female trait. We often become disconnected from whom we truly are to the point of not knowing ourselves. We can sometimes be unable to express what we truly feel and find emotional openness difficult. We sometimes think we must act in a certain way and have a certain type of job, etc.

Both these extremes cause imbalances and a disconnect from our higher self. This disconnection causes restrictions, limitations and frustrations. We can become in overwhelm of our emotions, consequently building up illusion and self-defence mechanisms. We may also lack faith and trust in the Universe.

We need both masculine and feminine principals and both minds to be in balance, so that we can become more heart-connected.


When we are in balance:

·      We listen more to our intuitive mind and Spirit.

·      We develop our faith and trust in the Universe.

·      We are able to take inspired action – especially when birthing a new project or on a path of self-transformation.

·      We are not so overwhelmed with our emotions. Our enhanced inner knowing tells us that difficult times will pass.

·      We find ourselves dealing with everyday life in a more grounded way.


In order to create more balance within ourselves:


·      Establish regular spiritual practices such as meditation and centring for alignment. Be more connected and heart-felt with your practice – not allowing it to be just something you have to do every day!


·      Be more present in your everyday actions.


·      Regularly ask yourself, when you have made a decision or are about to take action, “is this for my higher good, will this make my soul sing…?” or “Is what I am about to do for the higher good of others?”


·      Recognise when you are getting caught up in your negative emotions or when you are in judgement of yourself or another. Stop, centre yourself and come back to the heart.


All of these things will allow you to be more heart-connected, in balance and connected to your internal vibrational flow of energy.


As time goes on:


·      As you become more heart-centred, you will deepen your heart-connection and bring through more unconditional love for yourself and for others.

·      You will begin to evolve in consciousness, bringing through insights, higher gifts and attributes such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the ability to manifest, etc.  


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