The Nurture For Kids Workshop


Navigating through life with pressures like homework, SATs, friendship groups and general change, can be very daunting for any child.

This nurturing workshop is specially designed to teach parents techniques for children, including aspects of Mindfulness, Visualisation, Meditation, Breathing techniques and Energy work. These techniques will support and empower children to be more balanced and adopt a calmer approach to life.



  • Supports your child to manage strong emotions.
  • Empowers your child to deal with tricky situations like peer pressure and bullying.
  • Supports your child when they are feeling the pressure of SATs, homework, etc.
  • Strengthens the bond between yourself and your child.
  • Increases your child's awareness of how their behaviour impacts others.
  • Helps your child develop and strengthen an inner sense of self.
  • Preventatively cares against anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Helps to promote stillness and calm within your child.
  • Helps your child flow with more ease and grace through life.


A starter pack is available to purchase on the day, which includes some of the tools used during the workshop.


This is a 3 hour long workshop. The cost of this workshop is £30. See the event page for the next date and location of this workshop.


Once you reserve your place on this workshop, you have the opportunity of booking a full one-to-one Transference Healing session at the reduced price of £40 (original price of £55).

See the Transference Healing page for more detail.


Click here to book onto the Nurture for Kids Workshop.


A good follow on from this workshop would be the Child of Light workshop, also available at The Whisper Tree. During this workshop, you are taught how to run a high frequency energy on your own children, family members or even yourselves. This energy is very balancing and deeply relaxing. For more information, visit the Child of Light workshop page.