Testimonials for The Whisper Tree


"The transformation in my daughter, since starting the Whisper Tree sessions has been amazing. Coming to the end of year 5, Rachel began to suffer with anxiety. She went from being a bubbly, happy, outgoing 10 year old to not being able to deal with a simple day at school. Now after 6 months of Whisper Tree sessions, Rachel is able to cope with her anxiety and is slowly returning  to her happy, confident self."

Lauren Panter, parent at Foxton Primary School, Leicestershire.

"Our pre-school children always look forward to their weekly Whisper Tree yoga session. The delivery, through story telling, is always fun and totally engaging. Physically, yoga enhances our children's coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness. We have also observed improved concentration in many of the children too. I would highly recommend The Whisper Tree sessions for any child."

Sandy Bratu,  Pre-school manager at Foxton Primary School, Leicestershire.

"I really thank-you for my meditation and the crystals. I think it has really helped me so I have been calmer." 

Noah Wylly-Bagnell, former pupil at Foxton Primary School, Leicestershire.

"Thank-you very much for all the help over the years. I have my oracle cards which I use and a lovely collection of crystals."

Lily Taylor, former pupil at Foxton Primary School, Leicestershire.

"Although I miss Foxton so much, I'm loving Robert Smythe School. The main thing that got me through the stress was the techniques you taught me and I really want to thank you for it. The thing that has really stood out for me is the fact I got student of the month in English, Music and Tutor time."

Rachel Panter, former pupil at Foxton Primary School, Leicestershire.

"Just wanted to say thank-you so much for the course yesterday. Myself and Simona really enjoyed the course and found it extremely beneficial. We can't wait to get all the ideas underway!"

Laura Knott, nursery practioner at Daisykins Nursery, Rugby.

"We booked onto the Nurture For Kids workshop, because my daughter was struggling with anxiety and was finding it difficult to do a full day at school. We have both found this course fantastic and the strategies have been fun, interesting and have really supported my daughter through some difficult times. She has been keen to use them at home and continues to do so. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has children who are not coping very well with school life." 

Sally Holyoak, Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire

"My daughter Georgia, who is in year 1, was finding it very hard to settle at school and was even quite unhappy some days. The school were beginning to question whether ADHD and Autism were a possible reason for her behaviour that I was only seeing at school. I booked onto the Nurture For Kids Workshop with Zoe and found the techniques and advice that she gives, wonderful. Georgia absolutely loved learning the strategies with me and still uses them now. We found that her behaviour has settled down considerably at school. I would highly recommend the Nurture For Kids Workshop to any parent whose child needs more emotional support!" 

Angela Bayliss, Ashby Parva, Leicestershire

"Just would like to say a very big thank-you for all your help. The Whisper Tree has started a lovely journey. Best wishes."

Zach, Lutterworth, Leicestershire

"I just wanted to say a huge thank-you from myself and Millie. You have no idea how much you've helped!"

Millie and Sally Holyoak, pupil at Lutterworth High school, Leicestershire



I wanted to say thank you so much for opening up your life and learnings to help others, you have already helped to make a positive impact on my life! txxx

Tracy Saqladi