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Meditation and training hub

In the Meditation and Teaching Hub, you can access all our mini-trainings, downloadable meditations and resources.

These powerful teachings and Frequency meditations have been, for the most part, chanelled through by Zoe to help create deep shifts within the mind, body and soul.

This will support you in your Soul re-connection. As your Soul re-connection deepens, you will experience shifts, personal transformation and change.

Your consciousness will open up, enabling old, negative patterning and illusion to slowly break down, causing a shift in your perception enabling you to gain clarity and resolution to ongoing concerns.

‘Rock Your Goddess’ Masterclass

Access our 10 day ‘Rock Your Goddess’ Masterclass and downloadable course materials here!

This exclusive-to-members 10 Day Masterclass, has been specifically created to support the awakening process to our higher self and re-connection to Soul.

This Masterclass training will teach and guide you , giving you powerful tools and preparation practices for deepening your ability to self-support and start your journey of spiritual empowerment and connection.

Embrace this 10 Day Masterclass as the beginning of a special and unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Daily task worksheets, affirmation posters, meditations, goal setting planner and workbook are available to download and help support you on your quest for inner-strength and re-connection to your inner world!

the Broadcast hub

Access all our weekly, members-only, LIVE divined card readings; Frequency Meditations; mini healings; wisdom teachings and Q and A sessions.

As a member you will enjoy privileged access to our powerful Frequency Meditations and mini healings. These meditations and mini-healings are woven in with the higher vibrational frequencies of Transference Healing and will create shifts in your mind, body and soul. They will also keep you feeling harmonious and balanced for the days ahead.

Enjoy our weekly Live and divined soul group card readings, giving you insight and wisdoms for the upcoming days. The Animal Magic deck of cards are a powerful and magical tool, interwoven with high frequency symbology. They were chanelled through and created by the Master and Founder of Transference Healing, Alexis Cartwright.

Enjoy our wisdom teachings full of inspiration, guidance and insight designed to open your consciousness. Delve into the ancient teachings; mysteries and magic of the Universal ways.

During each LIVE broadcast, there is a unique opportunity to partake in a Live Q and A session, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get valuable and instant feedback from Zoe, tailored to suit your needs.

Can’t catch us LIVE? It doesn’t matter, watch us on catch-up.