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Your unique totem power animal is Pegasus!

You have divined Pegasus, which is an incredibly powerful totem to divine!

This totem tells me that you are seeking more balance in the way you use your inner power.

Pegasus also indicates that you are giving too much of your personal power away to someone, a group of people, organisation or an ongoing, unresolved situation, that is playing out in your life right now.

However you give your power away, you will be leaking energy, which means that you often feel drained and depleted. This will be impacting on your sense of well-being and your physical body.

Your negative thoughts and feelings will be limiting and restricting you in some way and you will tend to get involved and entangled in power plays. This could be with loved ones or work colleagues.

The good news is that Pegasus is showing you your true potential and what it is you are working towards in your life.

When you are embodying more of the magical aspects of Pegasus…

  • You are beginning to release and let go of those restrictive and limiting thoughts and feelings.

  • You are more in balance in the way you use your inner power. Neither overpowered nor underpowered with others in your life.

  • You are learning to hold your power and not give it away to a situation or a person.

  • You are learning to detach in the moment and not engage with power plays.

To find out how you can bring more of these magical aspects of Pegasus consciousness into your life and start your journey of self-empowerment, click below…