What to do when feeling the struggle 


We all have periods in our lives that are intense, difficult and trying. These are what I like to term as ‘spiritual initiations’ or ‘shifts’.


During these times, we can struggle with more negative and denser emotions, particular events, health crises, etc – and these periods can take time to resolve or change. They often lead to times of deep soul searching and introspection.

When we are in these voids, we feel the struggle and intensity. Often we have little energy and it is a time when we tend to reflect over what we have achieved so far in our lives and also look at what is not working in our lives.

These times are crucial to our growth and personal development. Without them we would not evolve and would feel stuck.


During these times, however intense and tricky the circumstances or situations may be for us, I now know deep down that things will always resolve.


I know and believe that Divine intervention does exist, which allows me to accept that I ultimately have no control over the circumstances that play out in my life.


If we do not get caught up in the moment and become overwhelmed by the drama of the situation then we obtain gifts of clarity, insight and revelation regarding the circumstances. Our mind also opens to the different possibilities in our life.


So these periods often teach us to re-assess and re-evaluate our lives.


I often get insight into which aspects of my life are no longer working for me. These can include: beliefs about myself and my life; thoughts; feelings towards others and myself; perceptions I may have; certain situations; friendships; relationships in general, etc.

I even start to see the spiritual meaning behind certain events that set up in my day to day life. i.e I start to understand that a situation has led me to where I am now. I also see situations as golden opportunities to grow and to learn to ‘hold my light’ more even when they are tricky…

When we do manage to hold our light and not get caught up in the drama of the situation we again find peace and resolution to ongoing conflict.

How to support ourselves in these times of struggle:


As we are more vulnerable to energetic manipulation and other people’s energy in times of struggle:


·      Try staying away during these periods from people and circumstances that deplete your energy.


·      Be discerning about conversations that you get involved in, films, social media, books, films, etc.


·     It is important to re-connect to source as much as possible and run energy, meditate and have quiet times.


·      I know that my thoughts and feelings impact on others, so I connect to my heart as much as possible to not allow those feelings to be projected out towards others.

Watch my video on how these times of struggle are something that every single one of us experiences, and what to do to support yourself during these times:



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