Magical Monday Meditations



Join these fun meditation sessions and learn how to meditate. These sessions will give you an introduction to meditation, the benefits and good practice to ensure sustainable change. Learn that meditation need not be a formal practice that takes years to perfect. Discover other meditative practices that can be equally beneficial to your mind, body and soul.

We will start each session with a group card reading which will bring insight for the days ahead.

Zoe will share her knowledge and wisdom on conscious living and give guidance on ways to cope with negative thoughts and feelings.

We will close with a high frequency meditation. When experienced, this energy is balancing and deeply shifting.

Plenty of refreshments, blankets and slippers will be available for extra comfort.



There are many benefits to regular meditative practice:

  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Lowers anxiety levels;
  • Helps with insomnia;
  • Improves relationships;
  • Helps with ongoing unresolved situations and circumstances;
  • Aids relaxation;
  • Helps adopt a calm and balanced approach to life;
  • Helps counteract negative thoughts and feelings;
  • Breaks down destructive patterning;
  • Helps shift perception.


The cost of each session is £5, payable in block payments every half term. The meditation sessions follow the Leicestershire term dates. See the event page for the next date and location of these sessions.

With every block booking, you have the opportunity of purchasing a full one-to-one Transference Healing session at the offer price of £40 (original price of £55).

See the Transference Healing page for more detail.