Magical Meditation Sessions


Zoe is a trained Transference Healer Practitioner. During the magical meditation sessions, she incorporates the powerful frequencies of the Child of Light procedure which was chanelled through by Alexis Cartwright, Founder of Transference Healing. See the Transference Healing page for more details.

Join these very popular and unique magical meditation sessions and learn how to self-support, get guidance and spiritual wisdoms to live a more inspired life.

During these magical evenings, you will be introduced to a unique meditation procedure during which you will have energy run on you as a group. Clients always feel relaxed and in a good place after receiving the energy. This energy keeps them centred and balanced for several days afterwards and some even feel, after several sessions, that they are beginning to experience shifts in their mind and body.

Each session begins with a soul group card reading which brings insight for the days ahead.

Zoe shares her knowledge and wisdom for conscious living and gives guidance and tools to cope in the moment with negative thoughts and feelings.

Plenty of refreshments, blankets, slippers and a lit wood burner will be available for your every comfort.

Our meditation groups start back on Monday 7th January. The Monday group is almost fully booked but we now have a second group starting on Tuesday 8th January, due to popularity. The groups are small and intimate so please book on early to avoid disappointment.

Both sessions are from 7-8 pm at our centre in Lutterworth, Leicestershire



There are many benefits to regular frequency meditations:

  • Helps with ongoing unresolved situations and circumstances;

  • Aids relaxation;

  • Helps adopt a calm and balanced approach to life;

  • Helps counteract negative thoughts and feelings;

  • Breaks down destructive patterning;

  • Helps shift perception.

  • Lowers blood pressure;

  • Lowers anxiety levels;

  • Helps with insomnia;

  • Improves relationships;

Book on and receive our free mini-training package:

When you book your Magical Meditation spot, you get access to our FREE mini-training package comprising 3 training videos; 2 downloadable worksheets; an affirmation poster and a powerful 'heart expansion' meditation. 

These resources have been especially created to help reduce anxiety...

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The cost of each session is £5, payable in block payments every half term. The meditation sessions follow the Leicestershire term dates.

First Magical Meditation block for 2019:

Monday 7th January through to Monday 11th February 2019 7-8 p.m

Or Tuesday 8th January through to Tuesday 12th Febrary 2019 7-8 p.m

Price £30 per person, per block

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Mobile: 07725941838 or email: