Magical Meditations at The Whisper Tree

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Experience unique and magical meditation sessions here at The Whisper Tree.

Learn how to connect with your higher self, get guidance and spiritual wisdoms.

Be inspired, empower yourself and live in alignment with Soul and the Universe.


Read what our Magical Meditators have to say about

the whisper tree:

‘Zoe at the Whisper Tree is full of practical wisdom, loveliness & empathy, that paired with her healing meditation and teachings around our soul group card, is the most wonderful way to start my week...’ 💖

Tracy Saqladi, Countesthorpe

‘Thank you Zoe!  I have been feeling really good following the healing last week. Trying to connect in with my heart regularly, found more pink and green clothes than I realised I had (!) and have carried my rose quartz with me. I feel it's all really helping. Thank you.’

Joanne Brown, Broughton Astley

"I’ve just completed my first six weeks of meditation with Zoe. It’s been such an uplifting and positive experience for me and has really helped 2019 feel more positive and my out look on life feel lighter. Will defiantly be booking the next six! Thank you so much for my new found inspiration and appreciation for happiness and life xx"

Lisa Cole, Lutterworth

Fourth Magical Meditation block for 2019:

Monday 2nd September through to Monday 7th October 2019 7-8 p.m

The meditation sessions follow the Leicestershire County term dates.

Price: £42 per person

Please click below to reserve and pay for your spot. Or for more details, carry on reading:

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During our Magical Meditation sessions, you will experience the high vibrational frequencies of the Child of Light procedure (chanelled through by Alexis Cartwright, Founder of Transference Healing). These frequencies are introduced via a unique meditation procedure during which you will have energy run on you as a group.

Clients always feel very relaxed, balanced and harmonious after these meditations. The unique and powerful energy keeps them centred and balanced for several days afterwards and most experience, after several sessions, shifts within their mind and body.

Each session begins with a soul group card reading and cosmological forecast which gives insight for the days and weeks ahead.

Zoe shares her knowledge and wisdom for conscious living and gives guidance and tools to cope in the moment with negative thoughts and feelings.

Plenty of refreshments, blankets, slippers and a lit wood burner will be available for extra comfort.

Our meditation group starts back on Monday 2nd September. The group is small and intimate, so we recommend you book promptly to avoid disappointment.

The sessions are from 7-8 pm, here at our centre in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.



Here are Just some of the many benefits to regular frequency meditation sessions:

  • Helps to resolve ongoing tricky situations and circumstances without drama;

  • Enhances relaxation, centering, balance and inner harmony;

  • Helps adopt a calm and balanced approach to life;

  • Helps counteract negative thoughts and feelings;

  • Breaks down destructive patterning;

  • Helps shift perception and help solve ongoing issues swiftly and diplomatically;

  • Lowers blood pressure;

  • Lowers anxiety levels and preventatively cares for depression;

  • Helps with insomnia;

  • Improves relationships.

Book on and receive our free mini-training package:

When you book your Magical Meditation spot, you get access to our FREE mini-training package comprising 3 training videos; 2 downloadable worksheets; an affirmation poster and a powerful 'heart expansion' meditation. 

These resources have been especially created to help reduce anxiety...

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For further information, please contact Zoe on:

Mobile: 07725941838 or email: