Create and manifest the reality you want

During this 3 hour Manifestation workshop, we will learn just how powerfully creative our thoughts and feelings are.

This workshop will teach us how to harness our thoughts and feelings with the help of especially developed techniques.

These techniques will help us to keep focussed on our goals and help to create more of what we would like to manifest in our lives.

We will also be looking at the importance of setting our intent, being goal specific and learning how to create beautiful vision boards to help keep us focussed on our goals.

We will start the workshop with a group card reading. This will bring insight for the days ahead.

We will close with a high frequency meditation. When experienced, this energy is very balancing and can be deeply shifting.

Plenty of refreshments will be available.


This workshop will:

  • Help us be more specific in our goal making;
  • Keep us focussed on our goals;
  • Harness our thoughts and feelings and shift our focus from a negative to a more positive one;
  • Support us in the moment when we are struggling with those denser, more negative emotions;
  • Co-create a more positive and rewarding reality for ourselves;
  • Empower us and encourage us to take more responsibilty in our lives;
  • Help us make goal based decisions.


The cost of this 3 hour workshop is £20. See events page for the next date and location of this workshop.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to access the video resource so that you can review the workshop if needed.

Once you reserve your place on this workshop, you have the opportunity of booking a full one-to-one Transference Healing session at the reduced price of £40 (original price of £55).

See the Transference Healing page for more detail.