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Your unique totem power animal is Lion!

You have divined Lion, which is an auspicious totem to divine!

This indicates to me that you are seeking to shine your fearlessness and majesty out to the world, very much like the Lion.

Lion is also indicating to me that you have been unable to tap into this potential inner power, because you judge yourself too harshly, struggling to believe in yourself and therefore honour what is important to you.

Because of this lack of self-belief, you probably struggle to stand your ground with loved ones and work colleagues. And you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by having to push through certain limitations and stand in truth with your feelings and beliefs.

The good news is that Lion shows you what it is you are capable of and what you are working towards, in your life.

When you are embodying more of the magical aspects of Lion…

  • You are learning to stand strong and resonate fearlessness and majesty so that you can finally be recognised, understood and heard for who you are.

  • You are starting to resonate more beauty, majesty and leadership in your life, from an open heart .

  • You are beginning to believe in yourself and honour what is important to you.

  • You are starting to overcome emotional and mental weaknesses and judgement towards others and towards yourself.

  • You are beginning to stand your ground with ease and grace.

  • You begin to understand that you absolutely deserve to manifest good things in your life.

  • You are learning to honour what is important to you.

To find out how you can bring more of these magical aspects of Lion consciousness into your life and start your journey of self-empowerment, click below…