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congratulations on taking that first step towards your awakening and soul-empowerment!

you are starting to open up to the mysteries and magic of the universe…

here at the whisper tree, We get how difficult it is to become and be that beacon of light within the family unit (especially when supporting children with a more 5th dimensional consciousness); to keep focussed and in higher consciousness, when dealing with the ups and downs of daily life and to live and embody your spirituality and bring it into your everyday existence.

With these challenges in mind, here at the whisper tree, we are dedicated to fully supporting our members in their quest for spiritual empowerment; nurturing and balancing soul growth; fostering inner harmony and enhancing higher perception for clarity and resolution to ongoing concerns.

In order to fully support and nurture our members, we offer them regular online and unique group mini-healings, wisdom teachings, card divination, frequency meditation, Live Q&A and powerful tools and techniques for deep healing and transformational shifts.

As a member, you will be gifted access to a thriving community of like-minded women, mothers and teenagers, who are united in their quest for soul growth, empowerment, magical mystery teachings and ancient wisdoms.



Why you should join the ‘Soul Power’ Members’ site…

Becoming a ‘Soul Power’ Member enables you to:

  • access ongoing, uniquely inspired wisdom teachings, crafted with our members in mind.

  • remain committed and focussed on your soul growth.

  • Understand and deepen your connection with your inner soul self.

  • Deepen your understanding of the spiritual significance behind why things happen in the way that they do.

  • Witness incredible shifts in your mind and consciousness.

  • Re-connect to your higher soul self.

  • thrive in a community-based, high-frequency environment.

  • be nurtured with ongoing heart-centred and loving support.

  • access high-frequency teachings and wisdoms to help open your consciousness to the magical ways of the Universe.

  • see things from a higher perspective and therefore gain clarity around situations that have elluded you in the past.

  • release and let go of past life wounding and memory based pain, as your soul connection and inner knowing deepen.

  • Break down negative patterning and destructive behaviours.

  • Break down illusion; gain clarity and understanding of past events and resolve ongoing difficult circumstances.

  • become a beacon of light for loved ones.

  • learn to walk your talk and give permission to others to do the same.

  • Become more considered in everything that you do.

  • move from a 3rd dimensional consciousness into a 5th dimensional consciousness.

  • connect to and Enhance your intuitive skills, inner strength, clairsentience and pysche.

  • Empower Yourself.

To find out more the ‘soul power’ Members’ package, click on the button below:

Here is what one of our members, Lucy Brown from Australia has to say about the Soul Power Membership:

“I am loving the Soul Power membership as well. I printed out all of your Rock your Goddess tasks, affirmations and workbook last night and bought myself a set of lovely folders to keep it all in. I just feel so uplifted everytime I listen and absorb your words.”

Thank you Zoe 💜🙏🏼💜🙏🏼