Your unique totem power animal is Hummingbird!

You have divined Hummingbird, which is a beautiful and powerful totem to divine!

This indicates to me that you are seeking to bring through more warrioress energy and power into your life.

The Hummingbird is a tiny bird that fiercely defends it’s nest and territory against all predators.

The magical aspect of Hummingbird is the ability to defend and value what you believe in to the core.

Hummingbird indicates to me that you feel you have to defend yourself from personal or even spiritual attack.

You find it difficult to speak your truth to others and possibly find it difficult to be in truth and in integrity with who you truly are.

You may struggle to fully know and understand yourself because you do not have a developed sense of self.

The good news is that Hummingbird is showing you your true potential and what it is you are working towards in your life.

When you are embodying more of the magical aspects of Hummingbird…

  • You are beginning to find the courage and strength to honour what you hold to be true.

  • You are starting to express how you are feeling with radiance and light, speaking your truth with more confidence and ease.

  • You are starting to gain the courage to show your unique and authentic self and let that shine out into the world. The world needs your authenticity!

  • You will enhance your unique sense of self, allowing your self-confidence to shine through.

To find out how you can bring more of these magical aspects of Hummingbird consciousness into your life and start your journey of self-empowerment, click below…