How to hold your light for kids and adults


Recently, I was confronted with a challenging and unexpected situation regarding my eldest son, who was struggling with group dynamics amongst his peers at his new school. I was surprised by how quickly I became off-centre and off-balance with my thoughts and feelings. I was finding it difficult not to react emotionally in the moment.

I found myself worrying about the situation my son was finding himself in at school. I was beginning to imagine the worst-case scenario and felt I was co-creating more of the same by doing so.

I feel that we are so used to reacting in a certain way, and sometimes, despite our spiritual practices and new beliefs, we go into automatic pilot and old patterns and ways of doing things resurface. It took me at least a day and a half before I was able to process what was going on and gain clarity around the situation. I was then able to centre myself and shift my emotions enough to be able to support him in a more balanced way.

When faced with tricky circumstances, we tend to experience emotional triggers that quickly become overwhelming and uncomfortable for us. We feel compelled to manipulate and control the situation, in fact do anything, to no longer feel those denser emotions. When we respond in a negative way in the moment, we become disconnected to our higher selves.  We start to lose our ability to be more intuitive in our decision-making, enabling peaceful resolution for ourselves and our loved ones.

When I finally realised what I was creating in my emotional state, it took huge amounts of self-discipline and heart-connection to get back to that place of centredness and calm. I was finally able to recognise and accept my negative emotions, start to release them and gain clarity around the situation.  There was a lot of resistance, as my worry thoughts can be quite tenacious! I was eventually able to reconnect and respond to the situation from a more balanced and heart-based perspective!

When we are more connected, we are able to respond to life in a balanced way. We are not so emotionally reactive and less likely to knee-jerk when faced with difficult circumstances.

I eventually understood that I needed to check my own emotional turmoil, as I was certainly not serving him in anyway shape or form! I even caught myself thinking: – ‘why am I not applying what I believe in? I am teaching and supporting others in all of this and I am not applying it myself!’

It certainly was a humbling process!!

I believe that the situation allowed me (once I had got out of my own way) to become emotionally stronger and consequently more able to help my son. I could reconnect to my heart, respond in a calm way and be more intuitive in tuning into the situation.

We are always told on a plane to fit our own oxygen masks first before helping others on with theirs. We are no good to anyone if we are reacting emotionally to a situation. We need to deal with our own emotions first and foremost, get to a centred place and then help others!

 ‘Holding our light’ around difficult situations is the perfect phrase for the process that I went through. Coping with our own emotions first and foremost, enables us to support others in a clear and non-judgemental way. We need to steady ourselves first, so that we can become that beacon of light for others. We can then support, guide and counsel them in a way that truly benefits them!

When situations and events unfold in our lives in ways that are seemingly out of our control, be mindful of the knowledge that everything is set up by the Universe to help and support us in purifying our actions, intent and emotions.

Keep the faith that all situations and circumstances will resolve. These are divinely orchestrated and therefore perfect for where we are right now in our lives. We are always loved, protected, guided and looked after by the Universe!

Remember to feel and see the circumstances as already resolved for our loved ones or for ourselves. This energy will have a positive impact on the current situation. It also helps us feel like we can support others, even if we cannot be there with them!

When we are connecting more into our energy field and becoming more balanced in our male-female energies, we are enabling ourselves to become emotionally stronger. Therefore, these tricky situations, although difficult and sometimes intense, serve us greatly, especially if we are able to hold our light through them!

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