Create Long Lasting Change And Transformation


Taking responsibility for our reality


We are going to explore how to create deep transformation within ourselves.

The first step towards deep transformation, is recognising that our thoughts and feelings create our reality (see ‘how we weave and create our reality’ blog post).

Not only is it important to recognise this fact, but we need to own it and take responsibility for it too. Scary thought, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not apportioning blame and I am only too aware of the responsibility that I have had to shoulder for the creation of my own reality over the years!

Taking ownership of our own creations is a very empowering process for us! It means that we are ready to take the steps needed to resolve our current circumstances!



Preparing our environment


Before we take steps to resolve the parts of our lives that are not working for us, we need to prepare our ‘environment’.


By ‘environment’, I mean our mind; physical environment – home or work space; and our habits.


We need to identify what is no longer serving us in our lives and let go of it making way for the new things that will serve us – we are creating energetic space or an energetic vacuum.

In other words, it is time for some de-cluttering!

Decluttering for me, feels like a snake shedding its skin to reveal the shiny new one underneath. This is why it feels so good and many people are drawn to doing it.



Decluttering your environment to create energetic space


Step 1:

Look at your ‘environment’ and identify the things that no longer serve you:


Your environment includes:  –


Your mind: thoughts and feelings

Your home and work space: the house, garden, work space, decorative objects, wardrobe, cars, etc

Your habits:  films, books, podcasts, social media, foods, daily routines, exercise and spiritual nourishment


Step 2:

Make a list of the thoughts, feelings, objects, clothes, habits, etc that no longer serve you.



Step 3:

Each week take one or two things from your list and work on letting them go.


Step 4:

You have now created space and set your intent to allow new things into your life. Start to make loving choices for yourself.

We get our ‘spiritual nourishment’ by doing what feeds the soul and makes us sing.

This might be fulfilling a life-long desire/dream or simply watching an inspirational film regularly.

Do what brings you pleasure on a regular basis, however small. The other day, I bought myself a new lipstick and hair accessories and set the intent to spend more time on my appearance.


By making loving choices and acting upon them, you also give permission to others to do the same.


Be inspired, in spirit and inspiring to others!


Take it even further and give to the causes, organisations or people that nourish and inspire you – whether it be money, gratitude, time, effort, skills, etc.



Everyday practices for self-healing and transformation


Every morning, I practice physical and emotional clearing. Try these simple techniques to help clear physical symptoms and negativity from the body and mind.


Physical clearing:


·      If you have ongoing physical symptoms – feel into the sensations that these symptoms are bringing up for you.

·      Allow yourself to go right into the sensations and feel them dissolving.

·      Feel your body to be healing or healed. (even though it may not be – this is important).

·      Bring into your body a feeling of vitality and allow this feeling to spread throughout your entire body.



Mental and emotional clearing:


As soon as you wake up:

·      Identify your thoughts and feelings.

·      Tune into your feelings and allow yourself to feel them without attaching your thoughts.

·      Feel them dissolving and losing their power over you.

·      Simply say to your thoughts – ‘not today thank-you!’

·      Set your intent to only allow loving thoughts into your mind.

·      Set your intent to go forwards through your day with love, peace and flow in your heart.

·      Feel love and gratitude for the day that you are about to start.



At first, these practices may seem a little strange and even contrived. I know from personal experience, however, that if practiced daily, you will start to notice small shifts and changes within your reality. This will give you the momentum to continue.


As always say to my clients: “it is not what you did today that counts, it is what you do every day!”


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