Allowing situations and circumstances to unfold and resolve with true surrender

Surrender is a key spiritual concept that plays a huge part in our self-growth.

The act of Surrendering is one that is often misunderstood and trivialised. There is a lot of misconception around the act of surrender and it is often mistakenly perceived as: -

·      An act of failure or defeat; a simple decision to ‘let go’; or a decision that we decide to be comfortable with.

·      A task that we can do or accomplish with our mind.

·      A state that we can will ourselves into.


How we often experience it:


The nature of our mind tries to control everything it comes in contact with. We try to manipulate situations that occur in our lives through our ego which is driven by fear.

We all have strategies and self-defence mechanisms to try to ensure that we only have good experiences and not the bad ones.  Our minds will fight with, reject, ignore and push against the situations that we don’t want to have. 

BUT the natural law of the Universe does not operate like this! The negative situations provide opportunities for soul growth and ultimately we have no control over them!

Eventually, a situation comes into our life or changes in such a way that we can no longer keep fighting against it. We finally know in our hearts, that struggle against the inevitable is futile. We come to realise that another direction or path is needed.

This sort of situation will rock the foundation of who we are and we know it to be past our limits. 

Sometimes it can be a situation that we’ve been living with for a long time or a sudden event that completely overwhelms us.

The circumstances will have the power to bring us to our knees – and even change us forever. This is where true Surrender begins!

Surrender comes when we know that we cannot see a way out of where we are at. We cannot control or manipulate any longer!

We recognise that we can no longer do things the way we have been doing them previously, a moment longer!

The act of Surrender in itself is relatively easy; it’s the path to surrender that’s difficult! But when Surrender finally arrives, we get a deep sense of ease and peace within ourselves.

The situation does not get better or easier, but we feel better because we know to our very core that we cannot fix it! Something deep within us relaxes when we finally accept this.

We don’t give in to the situation, but we give up the notion that we should be controlling it.

The act of Surrender is a true gift.  When we finally accept that we can no longer continue in the way that we have been doing, we allow the flow of life to carry us to where ever it is we need to go. We are often given gifts of wisdom, insight and revelation along the way and circumstances often resolve in miraculous and unimaginable ways.

A Technique for surrender:


I believe that we don’t always need to be on our knees to reach true Surrender every time! We can practice Surrender on a smaller scale, during the moments when we are OK.

When a negative situation occurs in your life, set the intent to feel into the circumstances and feelings that it provokes. Be careful not to allow your mind to add to, manipulate or fight against these feelings. 

Allow yourself to feel into the feelings and go as far as you can with them. I feel that by feeling our feelings in this way, this allows us to surrender to them and eventually to release them. If true surrender occurs, you will experience relief, gratitude, ease, peace and even joy. 



We are all divinely guided , loved and cherished by the Universe

Through my own personal experience of Surrender, I have an inner knowingness that there is something greater in my life that is at play. For when we surrender, not out of helplessness, but out of complete trust that we are divinely guided, cherished, loved and protected by Universe – this becomes very empowering for us!

I know that all the decisions, events and circumstances that play out in my life, are perfect for me and for my higher good. I never question these circumstances because I have an unshakable faith that although tricky, they will always slowly resolve themselves and often in unimaginable ways – if we learn to surrender to them. Ultimately, I know that I am being given a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth.



Dowload these powerful affirmations to help you surrender to circumstances, allowing them to slowly resolve:


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