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Your unique totem power animal is Horse!

You have divined horse, which is a powerful and liberating totem!

Horse is signalling the need for more clarity in your life to understand ongoing, unresolved circumstances.

It is indicating to me that you are unable to see clearly what is truly going on when circumstances play out in your life. You are often unable to rise above and see the bigger picture to gain clarity and therefore resolution to ongoing concerns.

You may also be feeling preyed upon by the needs and expectations of others in your life, be it loved ones or work colleagues.

Someone or something has been making you feel more defensive than usual. Therefore you may be fighting to get your power back from someone or something.

The good news is that Horse is showing you your true potential and what it is you are working towards bringing into your life.

When you are embodying more of the magical aspects of Horse…

  • You are starting to gain clarity around circumstances and finding resolution to ongoing concerns.

  • You are gaining the ability to rise above situations to see the bigger picture and are able to learn from all experiences. You are beginning to see the journey or cicumstances as a wonderful opportunity to awaken personal potential.

  • You are freeing yourself from the burdens of others and their expectations of you.

  • You are beginning to find a newfound sense of self.

  • You are breaking free from old emotional weaknesses and binding restraints. You are opening up to new opportunities as you begin to free your energy from within.

To find out how you can bring more of these magical aspects of Horse consciousness into your life and start your journey of self-empowerment, click below…