Fundamentals workshop

This is a 3 day workshop that will begin your amazing journey of self empowerment. During this workshop you will learn ancient and sacred procedures that will take you on an incredible path of deep soul shifts and transformation. You will be starting your path of accelerated spiritual growth.

You will learn to manage the initiations that are part and parcel of this transformative and personal adventure and be able to surrender and move through them with more ease and grace.



  • Develops the tools and techniques to create deep shifts within the body.

  • Opens up a higher consciousness.

  • Deepens understanding of spiritual meanings behind situations and circumstances in your life.

  • Helps you to support yourself, your friends and family unit with feelings of negativity and anxiety.

  • Helps you to resolve conflict that plays out between friends, family and work colleagues, in an easy and calm way and without ongoing drama.

  • Helps you to shift within yourself.

  • Shifts your perception around circumstances.



Bonus inclusions:

When you step into our Fundamental Training you will receive the following BONUS inclusions:

  • Practitioner Manual.

  • 6 x full colour Practitioner Templates and Healing Record Template.

  • Practitioner Lightbody Kit of 77 mother tincture vibrational essences in handmade wooden box.

  • Full colour Lightbody Kit Book, inclusive of colour photographs that identify all the lightbody crystals.

  • Fundamental Training certificate of achievement.

  • Graduate Presentation CD.


True transformation comes from within. You cannot create change in your being and reality without learning to heal yourself. Self-healing creates frequency shifts within your body and consciousness, while also creating change in your reality. When you commit to your self-healing journey, you are taking the first step toward self-mastery.

The Fundamental Training is the beginning of your self-healing journey through the Transference Healing lineage and frequency. In this three-day workshop you will learn practical energetic procedures that create alchemy in your body, and open you up to intuitive guidance. Through the energy and teachings revealed in this training event you will also learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to support divine healing and ascension. This supports you to break down patterning that creates limitation, allowing manifestation and flow to become a part of your everyday reality.

The Transference Healing Fundamental Training is an inner journey. Through the Transference Healing lineage, you are supported to go within, connect to your Higher Self, and reawaken divine gifts and talents. This three-day training is a powerful template or tool that will support you to integrate your lightbody and align yourself with the new, evolving world. It creates an alchemical healing response, so you can sustain new levels of wellness. It also connects you to your highest spiritual potential, awakening more evolved levels of consciousness.  This profound teaching will help you tap into your multidimensional being.


This is a 3 day training workshop. Our next one is on Friday 11th October 2019 through to Sunday 13th October 2019.


The cost of this training is £1,575. This includes the kit as detailed above, which includes all of the tools that you will need to run the Fundamentals energy.

A deposit is required at least 6 weeks in advance in advance. Payment plans available.

Please contact Zoe, if you are interested in this training workshop: