Transference Healing sessions


At the Whisper Tree we offer Transference Healing with an accredited Transference Healing practitioner. Transference Healing is a one to one healing modality which combines different and ancient healing procedures, originally channelled through by Alexis Cartwright from Australia. It uses powerful tools and techniques to run energy on the body in different ways!

After a session of Transference Healing you will feel incredibly uplifted and energised, it also creates profound shifts and transformation in the body.


Initially, Transference Healing helps:

  • lower anxiety and stress levels;

  • calm the spiral of negative thoughts;

  • shift your perception around issues in your life;

  • resolve issues with ease and grace, therefore improving relationships;

  • alleviate insomnia and restlessness;

  • flow with the ups and downs of life.


Additionally, Transference Healing develops:

  • reconnection to your inner sense of self.

  • self-empowerment and healing.

  • compassion and unconditional consciousness.

  • unique gifts and talents.

  • a connection to your spirit guides.



Try this deeply shifting and Transformative energy...


The price of a full Transference Healing Consultation is £55. Your first session will take 2 hours, subsequent sessions can last up to an hour and a half.

 If a client is going through a challenging period or difficult circumstances, then Zoe will recommend regular Transference Healing sessions for the first 5 to 6 healings, so that the frequencies can work their magic and shift through the blockages for release.

Up until the end of December 2018, with every block of meditations sessions paid for, clients can enjoy £15 off a Full one-to-one Transference Healing Consultation.

 After a Transference Healing Consultation, the client receives detailed feedback and vibrational essences to support the healing energetically.