Connecting in with Crystal Magic


How crystals are formed

Crystals are formed naturally. Many grow within the earth, some are formed from resins like Amber; some are formed by lightening striking sand, like Fulgarite; and some are formed from meteorite showers raining down on the earth.  These crystals are mined and sourced all over the world. They vary in origin and in quality. Some are not so natural and can be dyed different colours.

How they help us

 Crystals are like solidified pieces of light. Like light itself, they hold the higher vibrational frequencies of sacred geometry within them, which is woven throughout nature and this is what makes them so powerfully healing.

Everything within nature has a geometrical structure held within it and this structure holds a higher frequency. You can even see this structure in things like snowflakes, pine cones, pineapples, turtle shells, leaves, fish scales even water if magnifies has a crystalline structure to it. When we are amongst nature, appreciating and connecting with it, it can be very invigorating and healing for us.

Within each crystal is a Crystal fairy or Elemental being. The crystals and their elementals co-exist, sustaining each other with their own life force. The Elemental acts as a gatekeeper of the wisdom, knowledge and power held within the crystal. This is only revealed to the guardian of the crystal when they are ready to listen.

The colour of each crystal indicates the area of the body that this crystal is linked to. The colour of the crystal is associated with the main chakras of the body and their surrounding organs and glands.

Here are some brief examples of crystal colours and their associated chakras and areas of the body that they support.


Red and browns: Root Chakra – pelvic area - supports the sacral area

Oranges:  Sacral/Naval Chakra - navel area - supports the reproductive organs

Yellows:  Solar Plexus Chakra – upper abdominal area - supports the liver, kidneys and intestinal function

Greens/pinks:  Heart Chakra – chest area - supports the lungs and heart function

Blues/turquoise: Throat Chakra – throat area – supports the thyroid gland

Purples: 3rd Eye Chakra – forehead area - supports the front brain, eyes, inner ear, etc

White and violets: Crown Chakra – crown of the head area, pineal gland, brain, etc


Crystals not only support the physical body but have the potential to aid and accelerate physical conditions – if the healer is able to tap into and harness the crystalline frequencies. They also work on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

For example, Amethyst, a rich, deep purple coloured crystal works specifically with the Third Eye Chakra area, in other words, the point on the forehead between the eyebrows.


  • on a physical level supports the inner ear, balance issues, front brain area and headaches/migraine.

  • on an emotional level enhances self-esteem;

  • on a mental level develops clarity of vision/perception;

  • on a spiritual level aids the opening up of the 3rd eye and psyche, purifies our emotional body and connects us in with the past ascended master – St Germaine, chaneller of the Violet Flame procedure.

It is also worth mentioning Quartz, also known as the Master or Power crystal. Quartz is a truly awesome crystal and great amplifier of energy. It is recognised and revered for its magical properties. Like white light, quartz is a crystal that combines other crystalline properties and resonates with white light.

How to connect in with crystals:

In order to connect in more with your crystals, try some of the following:

  • if you are working with a particular crystal, put it under your pillow at night (if not too large),

  • keep crystals on your person, or wear them as jewellery,

  • create sacred alters around your home, to honour your crystals and help raise the vibration of your environment,

  • meditate with your crystals,

  • work with the crystals, especially for intention and manifestation,

  • if your crystals break, put them in your plant pots so that they can carry on an existence supporting your plants,

  • use Herkimer diamond crystals to purify and charge your drinking water. (Do your research before putting crystals into your drinking water as some can be poisonous!)


The crystals choose you!


Wait to be drawn to a crystal before buying it! You will know that this is the perfect one for you.


How to keep your crystals energetically clear

Crystals absorb negativity from their environment and we are constantly releasing negative thoughts and feelings! The crystals can become very impacted, clogged and dense. Regularly cleanse and charge your crystals, particularly if they are looking a little dull and lacklustre!


You can do that by placing your crystals on your windowsill to benefit from powerful full moonlight. Crystals can become faded from the sun, so don’t leave them there for too long! Run them under fresh spring water (not tap water), charge smaller pieces of crystal by placing them on bigger pieces. Use resins to cleanse your crystals.


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