How Connection To Your Inner World

Helps You Shine Your Light!

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Shine your light on the world!

Up until very recently our education system in the UK, does not place enough value on developing and encouraging unique gifts and talents, inspiration, imagination, creativity and intuition. This was certainly the case when I was growing up as a child and what I witnessed as a teacher in mainstream education. I do believe, however, that things are very slowly beginning to change.  


These valuable aspects of our selves have often been ignored or undervalued, causing suppression of unique gifts and talents and a disconnection to our inner world. Consequently, many clients that I work with, struggle to know who they truly are and what they were ultimately created to do. Many really desire to know what their destiny and purpose is in this life time.


This year alone, I have had countless conversations with clients who feel unfulfilled by their career, job or life in general because of this disconnection to their inner world.


Often their reasons for choosing a particular career or job, arose from financial considerations, expectations from others, or low self-worth issues.


I often meet clients who are either unaware of their passions, gifts and talents or underestimate the importance of bringing them into everyday life.


I feel that in order to reconnect to our inner world, we don’t have to necessarily monetise our passions/gifts/talents or even build a career out of them! (Some people do manage to monetise and forge a career out of what they love to do. For example, professional de-clutterers and Youtubers!)

It is important, however, to value them and create opportunities to use them for ourselves and for others.


We all have unique gifts and talents, but a lot of us don’t recognise them as such. For example, you could be someone who:


·      Loves to make other people laugh;

·      Have a knack for relating events in an engaging way;

·      Is a good listener;

·      Is an amazing parent;

·      Has a very unique sense of style and appearance;

·      Knows how to make their home look beautiful and welcoming;

·      Has amazing organisational skills;

·      Is a great problem solver;

·      Knows how to creatively make the most out of a shoe string budget.


If we deny and undervalue our unique gifts and talents we can sometimes struggle with low self-esteem and this can in turn can lead to conflict issues in our life because we feel undervalued and not heard or seen for who we truly are!


How can we reconnect to our inner world?


·      Think back to your childhood and what you loved to do. What did you spend hours doing as a child?

·      Make a list of the things you can remember doing as a child.

·      Try and find a way to do some of those things regularly, if possible, and if drawn.

·      Watch uplifting films and listen to uplifting stories that touch your heart and soul – these will inspire your spirit.

·      Look to big personalities and achievers for inspiration - notice how they use their gifts and talents.

·      Make a playlist of inspirational music.

·      Have a bank of inspirational teachings to listen to.

·      Create a vision board of quotes and images that inspire you.

·      Always take inspired action.



Reconnecting to your inner world helps you:


·      Feel recognised and valued for who you are.

·      Resolves conflict

·      Enhances self-worth and an inner-sense of self.


Watch the video on how to re-connect to your inner world and help build your sense of self and self-worth…


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