Breaking Free From Limiting Emotions


We often become burdened by our negative emotions, especially when we relive old hurts or get caught up in the emotional charge of the moment.


The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, which is a phenomenal amount! It is a proven fact that 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before, the day before that and so on….We therefore have a tendency to live in the past because we are not evolving in consciousness.


In the Winter time close to Christmas, the old year is dying to make way for the new one.  Mother Nature is preparing for a new cycle of regrowth and rebirth. During this period, we are very much drawn to doing the same. We are naturally more introspective at this time of year. We have little light during the day and less physical energy because of this. It is a time for deep reflection and introspection. We are driven to evaluate our achievements throughout the year and look to let go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, such as our more negative thoughts and feelings.


As the new year approaches, we are starting to prepare for and feel drawn to making changes in our circumstances, including our environment, aspects of ourselves or job.  as a result, these newfound experiences create expansion in our mind, body and soul consciousness.


At the end of an old year and going forwards into a new one, the many changes that come, will push us. However, change is inevitable and by blessing each naturally occurring transformation and change, rather than fearing it, helps to make the transition into the new year a much smoother one.


Letting go of any old, limiting beliefs and denser emotions, enables us to break free from (often) self-inflicted restraints and burdens. We are then able to step more into our personal and inner power.


According to the Native American traditions and beliefs, the horse symbolises power, tremendous inner-strength and persistence. They believe that to steal a man’s horse is to steal his own power. This belief teaches us that power cannot be attained through force! And in fact, inner power is given and obtained if we are willing to accept responsibility for it, using it gracefully and in a more balanced way.


Being balanced in our power means that we are not being overpowering with someone, nor are we underpowered by giving our power away to somebody or something.


If we are not in our power, we can become disempowered! We tend to develop a victim mentality and can sometimes hold resentment and blame towards others because of this. We are often unable to take and accept responsibility for what we have created in our lives. Once we learn to accept responsibility for the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in, we then become more empowered and are more able to make the necessary changes to our circumstances.


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