Letting go of restrictive emotions


The January 2019 post eclipse phase has now ended. Humanity, as a whole, has experienced an enormous energy shift during this eclipse season. Comparing ourselves as we are now to how we were before December 2018, enables us to appreciate the many changes that have occurred within ourselves.


Following on from this eclipse period, all of these changes now have to be integrated. There are no planetary retrogrades until March this year and so nothing is holding us back energetically. This is the time to be anchoring more of our dreams and desires into our reality.


Centering and introspection are required to gain clarity and intuitive guidance around what we need to focus on right now with regards to our inner changes.


We need to use this energy to refocus and get clear on our potential projects. Our gut instincts are spot on right now. We have the influence of Venus at the beginning of February, helping us to be more heart centred and intuitive.


With Jupiter’s influence – the energies become very expansive at this time – again supporting us in our quest for self-transformation.


Getting clear as to whether we need help to start or complete our projects and whether there are any limiting beliefs and fears that are holding us back from realising our dreams, is important.


With any kind of change and transformation, deep-seated and suppressed emotions that have limited us, will rise to the surface.


Remember that they are coming up to clear, enabling us to bring in and birth new aspects of ourselves. This is part of a very natural process. Negative emotions, will have restricted and kept us locked in a patterning for so long, that we have been unable to move forwards and have become blocked as a result.

They can originate from painful childhood memories and even deep trauma from past and present lifetimes!

Remember, thoughts and feelings are not who we are and they certainly do not define us! They are simply experiences for each and everyone one of us to have. We simply tend to give them too much power. 

To enable us to release them a little more, we need to set the intent to allow those thoughts to surface, feel them and then allow them to release and dissolve in their own time, without attaching our mental thoughts to them.

Remember that planetary re-alignments and cosmological events will trigger clearing and deep releasing from within us. This is an inevitable and natural cycle that we all go through, whether we are aware of it or not. Spiritual practices, such as meditation and high frequency healing modalities such as Transference Healing will also release blockages and break down negative patterning within the body.  They will also support us through the shifts.

What happens when we set our intent to do something for our personal and spiritual growth  

Have you ever noticed that when you set your intent to create positive change in your life, you often get limiting and fearful thoughts rising up?


Do you ever have those little gremlins that whisper in your ear when you are thinking about creating making changes in your life?


‘I haven’t got enough money to do that!’ or ‘what if I grow apart from my partner?’ or ‘what if the kids suffer because I am going to need more time to focus on this, right now?’ or ‘I do not deserve to spend this amount of money on myself!’


Sound familiar?


This is all part of what we call in Transference Healing, the ‘Purification’ and ‘Integration’ process. It is something that we all experience in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.


As soon as we recognise those limiting thoughts that block our soul’s growth, remember that the reason we have not already taken the steps to bring about the change and transformation, is because of those exact same thoughts. They are simply coming up for us to recognise them for what they are and to let them go!


These limiting thoughts have been like a broken record in our heads for most of our lives!


Our point of power is surrendering to our limiting blocks in the moment as they surface. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to release more of these restrictive thoughts that have kept us locked in and small!


Often, when we are attending training workshops and events, particularly in the spiritual industry, we feel on a natural high as our vibration is uplifted and our frequency shifts. We then return to our lives at the end and we have to integrate the shifts that have occurred during the event or training.


We can often feel frustration and even resentment, once back at home. We sense that our frequency has shifted within us whilst everything around us seems stagnant or mismatched.


In this moment, it is vital to remember and understand that we are going through an Integration process. We need to surrender to and let go of any negative feelings that come up for us, during this time. Those in our lives will most likely catch us up, at some point and so we need to stop overcontrolling and simply surrender to these feelings.


This is when the real work begins and in order to make those shifts sustainable within us, we must continue to surrender to the feelings and thoughts that surface and then let them go!



How to shift karmic entanglement and create harmony and balance within your relationships

We have just experienced an intense two weeks of clearing, cleansing and shifting eclipse energies. A full lunar eclipse on a supermoon (the first of three in a row), occurred in the early hours of Monday 21st January 2019. This full lunar eclipse has now closed the eclipse doorway and opportunities for deep releasing of old energies that no longer serve us. Over the next few days, I suggest that you take things easy, allowing the processing and integration of these clearing energies. If you have allowed the shifts to occur within yourself, now is the time to integrate these changes and welcome in new aspects of yourself into your life.

With these eclipse energies, many of my clients, friends and family have been feeling very depleted; experiencing headaches; mood fluctuations and unexplained transitory physical symptoms.

We are experiencing a major energetic reset this year and are being cosmically pushed to throw caution to the wind and surrender to these changes.

This is the year for new ideas, dreams and opportunities. We have to be open to receive the divine whisperings and embrace the transformation.

A big part of the changes for everyone this year, include letting go of limiting emotions and karmic entanglement. At the moment, we have a golden opportunity for the deep release of old karmic patterns. Karma is likely to be playing out in our lives when we continually think about someone or a group of people and we do not understand the reasons why.

We might want to communicate something to them or connect to them in some way. We could be feeling anxious for them or anger and resentment towards them.

When focussing on another person in this way – our energy will be impacting on them, through our thoughts and feelings. They will sense our energy and will most likely be thinking of us repeatedly too. Although they will not understand why either.

Depending on the frequency of our thoughts and feelings, our emotional energy will either weaken or strengthen the other person. The more negative and denser our thoughts, the lower our frequency, which in turn impacts on them by lowering their frequency.  

As they become impacted and triggered by our thoughts and feelings, that are directed towards them, they will simply deflect that energy back towards us. This in turn, will impact upon and lower our own frequency twofold.


How to shift this karmic entanglement


Before connecting to, or communicating with the other person, centering ourselves and bringing through a higher vibrational feeling of love for the other person, will support us. When coming from a heart centred place, the frequency of our words will reflect this.

This can only be a positive experience for everyone concerned. It will empower and neutralise the energy between us. If we can simply radiate love out to everyone in our lives, this will undoubtedly create harmonious relations, release limiting emotions and enable us to embrace change and transformation that the new energies are bringing.

Why we struggle to hold our sense of self in group situations

I believe that we have all lived through multiple if not many past lifetimes, possibly dating back to the ancient and lost civilisation of Atlantis.

At this magical time of Atlantis, we would have been incredibly spiritual beings, who knew how to harness nature’s energies and the crystalline forces to self-heal and live out incredible existences of abundance and self-mastery.

There was a mis-use and abuse of this healing and powerful energy, resulting in the eventual demise of Atlantis.

What was left of this civilisation was led to what became known as Ancient Egypt by the past ascended master - Thoth.  This civilisation of Atlantis had suffered a disconnection from spirit.

Whether our disconnection happened at this time or during other past lives, it is still present and deeply buried within our psyche. We experience it as a feeling of grief and separateness.

This is why it difficult for us to come together and unify in total harmony within a group. We have lost the ability to communicate, be at ease and keep our sense of self in a group situation. We often experience and even project our feelings of judgement and resentment towards others.  

When we find ourselves in a group situation, whether at work or in a social context, we often experience emotional triggers.

We tend to manipulate and control the situation and other people, often at a subconscious level, so that we no longer feel the denser and negative emotions that can surface for us.

When we respond in a negative way, we disconnect even more from our higher self. We lose the ability to be intuitive in our decision-making and find it difficult to find resolution. We find ourselves in a negative cycle that becomes very hard to break because of this disconnection to spirit!

At times of struggle, it may well appear to us that other people and the Universe are working and conspiring against us. However, we are the ones who are attracting these circumstances to ourselves, rather like a magnet.

Our higher self knows that we need these situations to help us grow and become emotionally stronger.

Ultimately, everything that happens to us in our lives, is divinely orchestrated by Spirit and The Universe – for our higher good. Each and every one of us is loved, protected and guided by the Universe!

Being mindful of this, supports us in times of struggle, to combat that victim mentality that no longer serves a purpose for us.


How can we help ourselves, when we struggle in these moments?


By ‘holding our light’ through difficult situations and group dynamics - all will resolve peacefully and with more ease and grace. The magic happens in the moment when we are getting triggered. If we do not engage; allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we are feeling, knowing that it is just a feeling and just a thought, without letting it get out of control, the feeling will clear and we will find peace and resolution.

To help with this process, I use a heart-centering technique:

I still myself and bring my focus down into the heart. I then bring through a feeling of love and allow that feeling to grow stronger and expand outwards.

This technique enables me to let go of any negativity and gently lifts my frequency. The energy around me responds to this shift in frequency.

The more we practice this technique in the moment, the stronger and more powerful it becomes for us.

Be disciplined with this practice and set the intent to come back to centredness throughout the day.  

The New Energies For 2019

Noticed a difference so far to the feel of 2019 compared to last January 2018?

2018 was, without a doubt, a dense and intense year, energetically speaking. So many of us were struggling in different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually!


The energetic forecast for this year of 2019 is very different. Already the energy feels lighter and more positive. It is an energy that will bring about changes for many of us. We will have ideas and creativity in abundance. The challenge will be to focus on what is important for us and anchor those changes in.


This month of January 2019 is an eclipse month. We had the first eclipse on the weekend of the 5th -6th January, coupled with a new moon in Capricorn. Capricorn energy is very expansive. This half eclipse opened the doorway to the forthcoming eclipse energies occurring on the night of the 26th-27th January. This is going to be a full eclipse on a full moon which is also a supermoon. Triple whammy!


A supermoon means that the moon is closer to Earth than usual. Lunar energies can be very amplifying and so together with eclipse energy, which is very clearing, it is going to feel very intense over the next few weeks. The energies are already building!


Eclipse energy stirs things up. It enables old thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterning to surface for clearing. This energy presents us with golden opportunities for clearing dense and negative emotions that we all harbour deep inside ourselves.


We therefore have a huge amount of energy coming our way, which will bring life changes for many of us.


This is a magical time and a wonderful opportunity to clear as much of those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.


It is important to be on our spiritual game and aware of these cosmic re-alignments and the different energies that they bring.


By trusting in the messages that the cosmos is sending, this will enable us to clear, shift and anchor in the changes that are positive for us.  


This cosmic energy impacts everyone. How it does, will depend on our level of consciousness, spiritual practice and energy work.


Remember, the more regularly we do our spiritual practice and tune into spirit and the Universal energies the more they will support us in our spiritual quest for growth. Practice makes perfect and creates wholeness.


 How to prepare ourselves for potential change and transformation.


·      Clear and declutter our home or work environment of the things that no longer serve us.

·      Become more aware of our own negative thoughts and feelings. Perhaps make a list of our frequent negative thoughts.

·      Clear our negative emotions – identify them, feel them, release them.


 How to support ourselves in these intense times:


·      Listen to our intuition – do what we are drawn to doing for self-support e.g. earlier bedtime, detox, more exercise, walking in nature.

·      Change habits that no longer support us.

·      Discern what saps our energy and avoid them for now: negative stories on social media, uninspiring films and books, people that have a more negative outlook on life, etc.

·      Daily meditative practice.



Start to work this energy to your advantage. Make 2019 an exceptional year for you!


Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice occurs on around Friday 21st December every year in the Northern Hemisphere. When the sun reaches the lowest point in the sky – we are able to welcome back the light and the rebirth of the sun.


There is a Summer and a Winter Solstice every year. The summer Solstice occurs on around the 21st June, in the Northern hemisphere. The Solstices are very auspicious and symbolic events, which held a lot of importance for the ancients. The Latin word Solstice means ‘sun stand still’. At the pinnacle of the Solstice, when the sun is at its highest or lowest point in the sky, the sun does appear to be still in the sky and the energy feels magical.


In ancient times – people were deeply connected and aligned to nature and her elements. They understood nature’s cycles and the spiritual and energetic significance behind them.


During the Winter Solstice, we are letting go of the old year and celebrating the birth of a new one. In ancient times, some feared the light would not return! Vigils and rituals were performed; homes were decorated with holly, ivy, mistletoe and pine cones, etc. to bring in and welcome the elements and nature. Log fires and candles were lit to represent the return of light.


Many ancient cultures, for example, the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians, understood the spiritual significance of the Solstices.


They built many temples and structures that captured the sun’s divine alignment at these times. Sacred ceremonies were then held to celebrate the light. The head of the Sphinx between the Great Pyramids of Egypt is crowned with the sun at the pinnacle of the Summer Solstice.


Hundreds of sacred sites align with the Solstices: Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Tara in Ireland, are but a few.

The Winter Solstice is linked to many religious and cultural festivals. Many significant religious and spiritual teachers are supposedly born near this date, which demonstrates the importance of the Solstices in ancient times.


The Summer Solstice represents abundance, growth, connection to source and honouring the divine within us and within each other.


The Winter Solstice is a quiet time of introspection and reflection on what has been and what will be. This ties in with our tradition of making New Year’s resolutions.


If you are drawn to celebrating the Winter Solstice this year, here are a few ideas to help you celebrate:


A Solstice Fire ceremony

- connect deeper to the Winter Solstice energies


·      Create an alter in your home and decorate it with holly, ivy, pine cones and candles;

·      Light a fire or candle;

·      Spend a moment in a quiet space and go within, tuning into the heart.

·      Be grateful for all the beautiful gifts and wonderful things you have achieved so far this year.

·      Thank Spirit and the Universe for their loving support.

·      Take a moment to reflect on the aspects of your life that need addressing or changing.

·      Write these aspects on pieces of paper.

·      Put them in the fire with the intent to let them go and welcome the new beginnings that the change will bring you.

Why so many of us feeling challenged at the moment?  


This year there has been an incredible amount of planetary realignment and general cosmic activity in the form of super moons, eclipses and planets in retrograde. We are also in an 11 year, in other words a ‘Master year’, which, in numerological terms, heralds a year for change and transformation.

Energetically speaking things have been incredibly intense, and we have all felt challenged in different ways throughout the year, because we are being impacted by this cosmic energy.

Recently, both the planets Mercury and Venus, have been in retrograde. This means that they slow down and appear as though they are going backwards in the sky.

Astrologically speaking, the way these planets impact, influence and support us, has not been the same as normal. Our relationships, ability to love ourselves and others; our ability to communicate; connect and express our truth, has been very much impacted by these retrogrades.

We entered a new moon phase within the lunar cycle during the first week of December, thus bringing new changes. We are in the lead-up to the Solstice (the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere and the welcoming back of the light) signifying the death of the old year and the birthing of a new one.

We are currently in a pre-eclipse period, January 2019 being an eclipse month. This energetically pushes us to clear more of those aspects of ourselves that are no longer needed, for example, old negative patterning and unresolved emotional pain and weakness.

Things have felt so intense for such a long time and this intensity is only going to increase, especially with the eclipse month in January 2019!

All things considered, it is no wonder that so many of us are feeling the intensity and the many challenges that change and transformation brings.


How exactly does this energy impact us



This year, I have witnessed amongst my clients, family, friends and myself included, a varying but definite response to this energy.

Those that are conscious of these cosmic activations, are feeling the struggle, but can navigate more smoothly through their different challenges, than those that are not conscious of it.

Many people have been feeling stressed and lack physical vitality. There have been several times recently, where I have been obliged to lie down and rest during the day, because I have felt so physically exhausted. Many people have had unexplained physical symptoms or old conditions that have flared up in recent months.

Some of us may be experiencing an increase in negativity, anxiety or even a little depression. We may be judging ourselves and others more than usual. Consequently, our relationships have been impacted.

This energy is constantly pushing us to look at and let go of the things that no longer serve us. We are also being driven to create the changes and transformation in our lives, in a way that is unique to us. We are being guided to show our true, authentic selves and not be afraid to start something new, even if others are already doing it. It is about doing things in our own unique style and not allowing our limiting beliefs and low self-worth to get in our own way!

Prioritise what we love and value. Do not do what we don’t resonate with! Being true to ourselves within a group or community is powerful, as it gives permission to others to do the same.


How can we support ourselves in the intensity of these energies?


If you are the ‘glue’ in your family unit, who holds and binds the other members together, then be kind and nurturing to yourself first and foremost. Do what feels intuitively right for you and put yourself first in order to help yourself and others.

Be mindful of these intense cosmic activations that are impacting and pushing us to let go of the aspects of ourselves that no longer serve a purpose for us.

Listen to my Heart Connection Visualisation twice a day if possible, and try to come back to that place of centredness and heart-connection when the going gets tough.

Ask for help and guidance from your spirit guides and remember to listen to your intuitive guidance.

When faced with a difficult situation, hold your light, sit tight and try not to engage! You are being given a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding of yourself.


Breaking Free From Limiting Emotions

We often become burdened by our negative emotions, especially when we relive old hurts or get caught up in the emotional charge of the moment.


The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, which is a phenomenal amount! It is a proven fact that 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before, the day before that and so on….We therefore have a tendency to live in the past because we are not evolving in consciousness.


In the Winter time close to Christmas, the old year is dying to make way for the new one.  Mother Nature is preparing for a new cycle of regrowth and rebirth. During this period, we are very much drawn to doing the same. We are naturally more introspective at this time of year. We have little light during the day and less physical energy because of this. It is a time for deep reflection and introspection. We are driven to evaluate our achievements throughout the year and look to let go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, such as our more negative thoughts and feelings.


As the new year approaches, we are starting to prepare for and feel drawn to making changes in our circumstances, including our environment, aspects of ourselves or job.  as a result, these newfound experiences create expansion in our mind, body and soul consciousness.


At the end of an old year and going forwards into a new one, the many changes that come, will push us. However, change is inevitable and by blessing each naturally occurring transformation and change, rather than fearing it, helps to make the transition into the new year a much smoother one.


Letting go of any old, limiting beliefs and denser emotions, enables us to break free from (often) self-inflicted restraints and burdens. We are then able to step more into our personal and inner power.


According to the Native American traditions and beliefs, the horse symbolises power, tremendous inner-strength and persistence. They believe that to steal a man’s horse is to steal his own power. This belief teaches us that power cannot be attained through force! And in fact, inner power is given and obtained if we are willing to accept responsibility for it, using it gracefully and in a more balanced way.


Being balanced in our power means that we are not being overpowering with someone, nor are we underpowered by giving our power away to somebody or something.


If we are not in our power, we can become disempowered! We tend to develop a victim mentality and can sometimes hold resentment and blame towards others because of this. We are often unable to take and accept responsibility for what we have created in our lives. Once we learn to accept responsibility for the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in, we then become more empowered and are more able to make the necessary changes to our circumstances.



How to be that beacon of light for others

Recently, I was confronted with a challenging and unexpected situation regarding my eldest son, who was struggling with group dynamics amongst his peers at his new school. I was surprised by how quickly I became off-centre and off-balance with my thoughts and feelings. I was finding it difficult not to react emotionally in the moment.

I found myself worrying about the situation my son was finding himself in at school. I was beginning to imagine the worst-case scenario and felt I was co-creating more of the same by doing so.

I feel that we are so used to reacting in a certain way, and sometimes, despite our spiritual practices and new beliefs, we go into automatic pilot and old patterns and ways of doing things resurface. It took me at least a day and a half before I was able to process what was going on and gain clarity around the situation. I was then able to centre myself and shift my emotions enough to be able to support him in a more balanced way.

When faced with tricky circumstances, we tend to experience emotional triggers that quickly become overwhelming and uncomfortable for us. We feel compelled to manipulate and control the situation, in fact do anything, to no longer feel those denser emotions. When we respond in a negative way in the moment, we become disconnected to our higher selves.  We start to lose our ability to be more intuitive in our decision-making, enabling peaceful resolution for ourselves and our loved ones.

When I finally realised what I was creating in my emotional state, it took huge amounts of self-discipline and heart-connection to get back to that place of centredness and calm. I was finally able to recognise and accept my negative emotions, start to release them and gain clarity around the situation.  There was a lot of resistance, as my worry thoughts can be quite tenacious! I was eventually able to reconnect and respond to the situation from a more balanced and heart-based perspective!

When we are more connected, we are able to respond to life in a balanced way. We are not so emotionally reactive and less likely to knee-jerk when faced with difficult circumstances.


I eventually understood that I needed to check my own emotional turmoil, as I was certainly not serving him in anyway shape or form!

I even caught myself thinking: – ‘why am I not applying what I believe in? I am teaching and supporting others in all of this and I am not applying it myself!’

It certainly was a humbling process!!

I believe that the situation allowed me (once I had got out of my own way) to become emotionally stronger and consequently more able to help my son. I could reconnect to my heart, respond in a calm way and be more intuitive in tuning into the situation.

We are always told on a plane to fit our own oxygen masks first before helping others on with theirs. We are no good to anyone if we are reacting emotionally to a situation. We need to deal with our own emotions first and foremost, get to a centred place and then help others!

 ‘Holding our light’ around difficult situations is the perfect phrase for the process that I went through. Coping with our own emotions first and foremost, enables us to support others in a clear and non-judgemental way. We need to steady ourselves first, so that we can become that beacon of light for others. We can then support, guide and counsel them in a way that truly benefits them!

When situations and events unfold in our lives in ways that are seemingly out of our control, be mindful of the knowledge that everything is set up by the Universe to help and support us in purifying our actions, intent and emotions.

Keep the faith that all situations and circumstances will resolve. These are divinely orchestrated and therefore perfect for where we are right now in our lives. We are always loved, protected, guided and looked after by the Universe!

Remember to feel and see the circumstances as already resolved for our loved ones or for ourselves. This energy will have a positive impact on the current situation. It also helps us feel like we can support others, even if we cannot be there with them!

When we are connecting more into our energy field and becoming more balanced in our male-female energies, we are enabling ourselves to become emotionally stronger. Therefore, these tricky situations, although difficult and sometimes intense, serve us greatly, especially if we are able to hold our light through them!


Logical Thinker or heart-felt intuitive – which one are you?

Why do we need both to develop inner-strength and heart-connection?



Recently, I have been personally working on creating more balance between my ‘thinking and intuitive brains’. I was very much under the illusion that when I stepped more into my spirituality, that I had to be using my intuitive mind all the time to the detriment of my thinking mind.

I have come to realise over recent months, that the mental mind is as important as the intuitive mind and is very much a part of who we are and therefore cannot be ignored!

When the two are brought into balance, we are more able to develop a heart-based consciousness and we become more connected and aligned with who we truly are.


Which one are you?


We all have male and female traits and aspects within us. Some can be stronger than others which can cause imbalances within our energy field, behaviours and belief system.


The way our minds operate also reflects the balance between these two energies:


I work with many clients and have come to recognise that there is often an imbalance between our thinking, logical brain and our intuitive brain.


When we are too much in our female energies – we tend to be very intuitive, emotionally open and honest, nurturing, soft, gentle-hearted, sensitive, heart-felt and loving. We are sometimes in sacrifice because we want to nurture everyone to the detriment of ourselves and we can become very ungrounded.


This may seem like a lovely way to live our lives, however, when we are ungrounded, it becomes very difficult to function in everyday life!

Routine tasks become difficult to accomplish when we are too ungrounded and may even be avoided!! We find it difficult to focus and get any daily tasks or long-term projects completed, as it is difficult for us to anchor anything into our reality.

We can become very psychically open which can cause problems if not fully understood, and we become drained and depleted as we tend to be very sensitive to energies.

We can often lack momentum, action, discipline, drive and ambition and due to the lack of these masculine traits, we find it difficult to integrate and function in an everyday world.



When we are too much in our masculine energies, to the detriment of our intuitive mind, we can be too much in our heads.

We tend to be the overthinkers and because of this, can sometimes perceive situations and circumstances in the wrong way and lack clarity.

We are often unable to make decisions that are perfect for us, as we are not listening to our inner guidance.

We may find it difficult to be nurturing towards others and towards our self, because we lack this female trait. We often become disconnected from whom we truly are to the point of not knowing ourselves.

We can sometimes be unable to express what we truly feel and find emotional openness difficult. We sometimes think we must act in a certain way and have a certain type of job, etc.


Both these extremes cause imbalances and a disconnect from our higher self. This disconnection causes restrictions, limitations and frustrations. We can become in overwhelm of our emotions, consequently building up illusion and self-defence mechanisms.

We may also lack faith and trust in the Universe.

We need both masculine and feminine principals and both minds to be in balance, so that we can become more heart-connected.


When we are in balance

·      We listen more to our intuitive mind and Spirit.

·      We develop our faith and trust in the Universe.

·      We are able to take inspired action – especially when birthing a new project or on a path of self-transformation.

·      We are not so overwhelmed with our emotions. Our enhanced inner knowing tells us that difficult times will pass.

·      We find ourselves dealing with everyday life in a more grounded way.


In order to create more balance within ourselves:


·      Establish regular spiritual practices such as meditation and centring for alignment. Be more connected and heart-felt with your practice – not allowing it to be just something you have to do every day!


·      Be more present in your everyday actions.


·      Regularly ask yourself, when you have made a decision or are about to take action, “is this for my higher good, will this make my soul sing…?” or “Is what I am about to do for the higher good of others?”


·      Recognise when you are getting caught up in your negative emotions or when you are in judgement of yourself or another. Stop, centre yourself and come back to the heart.


·      All of these things will allow you to be more heart-connected, in balance and connected to your internal vibrational flow of energy.



As time goes on:


·      As you become more heart-centred, you will deepen your heart connection and bring through more unconditional love for yourself and for others.

·      You will begin to evolve in consciousness, bringing through insights, higher gifts and attributes such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the ability to manifest, etc.