The New Energies For 2019

Noticed a difference so far to the feel of 2019 compared to last January 2018?

2018 was, without a doubt, a dense and intense year, energetically speaking. So many of us were struggling in different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually!


The energetic forecast for this year of 2019 is very different. Already the energy feels lighter and more positive. It is an energy that will bring about changes for many of us. We will have ideas and creativity in abundance. The challenge will be to focus on what is important for us and anchor those changes in.


This month of January 2019 is an eclipse month. We had the first eclipse on the weekend of the 5th -6th January, coupled with a new moon in Capricorn. Capricorn energy is very expansive. This half eclipse opened the doorway to the forthcoming eclipse energies occurring on the night of the 26th-27th January. This is going to be a full eclipse on a full moon which is also a supermoon. Triple whammy!


A supermoon means that the moon is closer to Earth than usual. Lunar energies can be very amplifying and so together with eclipse energy, which is very clearing, it is going to feel very intense over the next few weeks. The energies are already building!


Eclipse energy stirs things up. It enables old thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterning to surface for clearing. This energy presents us with golden opportunities for clearing dense and negative emotions that we all harbour deep inside ourselves.


We therefore have a huge amount of energy coming our way, which will bring life changes for many of us.


This is a magical time and a wonderful opportunity to clear as much of those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us.


It is important to be on our spiritual game and aware of these cosmic re-alignments and the different energies that they bring.


By trusting in the messages that the cosmos is sending, this will enable us to clear, shift and anchor in the changes that are positive for us.  


This cosmic energy impacts everyone. How it does, will depend on our level of consciousness, spiritual practice and energy work.


Remember, the more regularly we do our spiritual practice and tune into spirit and the Universal energies the more they will support us in our spiritual quest for growth. Practice makes perfect and creates wholeness.


 How to prepare ourselves for potential change and transformation.


·      Clear and declutter our home or work environment of the things that no longer serve us.

·      Become more aware of our own negative thoughts and feelings. Perhaps make a list of our frequent negative thoughts.

·      Clear our negative emotions – identify them, feel them, release them.


 How to support ourselves in these intense times:


·      Listen to our intuition – do what we are drawn to doing for self-support e.g. earlier bedtime, detox, more exercise, walking in nature.

·      Change habits that no longer support us.

·      Discern what saps our energy and avoid them for now: negative stories on social media, uninspiring films and books, people that have a more negative outlook on life, etc.

·      Daily meditative practice.



Start to work this energy to your advantage. Make 2019 an exceptional year for you!