Cosmological update for September 2019

So far this year, has been a phenomenal year for personal change and transformation. Many of us have experienced a swiftness of growth at a soul level. We can congratulate ourselves for being able to embody and ‘be’ this change!


Many of us have been pushed energetically, to become more self-responsible and to be a role model to others in our lives. We have been called, whether consciously or not, to look at where we direct our inner vibrational flow and to emit higher frequency thoughts and energies for the highest good of all. Dropping the chaos and moving more into the flow has also been high on the 2019 energy agenda!


Energetic and cosmological overview for September:

With every start of a new month, we feel the new frequencies of energy for the month coming through.

This month of September 2019, is a nine month and brings with it some incredible planetary alignments that will push us throughout the month to clarify where we are headed in our personal lives.

The key words for this month are Clarify – Cleanse – Clear.

This is a month of letting go of and clearing blockages, resistance and self-doubt, so that we can move forwards with our personal and spiritual growth.


The Key cosmological dates for September 2019:

At the start of this month, we experienced the impact of a kite formation in the skies with the Earth in the centre. We were driven to rise up and maintain an eagle eye on where we are headed.

This planetary alignment was also pushing us to clear the toxicity of our thoughts and feelings, thereby shifting and shattering any illusion.

Any uncomfortable feelings that may surface for us, will drive us to clear, heal and cleanse – so it is perfect!

On September 3rd, a pentagram formed in the sky, which pushed us to walk our talk and be true to our self. We are becoming role models for others in our lives.

September 4th to 17th, a cosmic rectangle will then form in the skies. During this period, the energy will intensify and ebb in cycles. Over the next few weeks, we will be pushed to remain objective, wise and responsible, continuing to see all points of view.

We will need clarity and focus to see who we truly are and allow us to cleanse and clear what isn’t working for us.

During this period, we will manifest either instantly or very quickly what we choose to focus upon.

Many souls will be waking up and we will be more in alignment with spirit and our intuitive sense.

Friday 13th September, is the day of the Goddess. Superstitious and outdated ideas have long kept us from connecting inwards to this divine feminine power. On this day, try to align to soul as much as possible. Embrace your intuition and emotional clarity. Stay connected to Spirit throughout the day!

On September 22nd - 23rd, it is the global Equinox. The seasons officially change to Autumn and we start to feel more balanced and introspective. This calls us to be grateful for what we have achieved so far this year.

On September 27th , Chiron will be close to Earth. This planet’s proximity to Earth will help us to heal by opening up old wounds. BUT if we are doing our inner work this experience should be smoother for us!

At the End of September, we will have a super full moon, the third one in a row. This supermoon serves as an amplifier of all things. This is an auspicious time to set our intentions for the forthcoming months and the new year of 2020.

 Throughout September, it is important to rest when needed. So many of us need to do this at the present time, due to the intense impact of the energies. This is a wise way to live!

Throughout September, remember to lighten up, let go, cleanse and embrace these amazing cosmic energies!