Your deepest core wounding

You may have been feeling rather emotional today and perhaps over the last few days.

You may have also been experiencing old patterns of behaviour and aspects of yourself that you thought you had dealt with, surfacing at the moment.

There is a specific reason for this, so no, you are not going crazy or losing the plot!!!

The planetoid Chiron is very close to Earth at the moment. It's frequencies are impacting on humanity hugely at this time.

Chiron is a planetoid in our solar system that was discovered in 1978. It was prophesised by the ancients that when the consciousness of Chiron returns to planet Earth, humanity as a whole, would rediscover it's ability to self-heal.

Chiron holds the key to our deepest core wounding. This core wounding infiltrates into our perceptions and belief system and is delegated at the time of our birth.

Depending on when and where Chiron is orbiting through a particular constellation, delegates our deepest core wounding.

Many of my clients have their Chiron in Aries, which happens to be my Chiron wounding too. We, as Chiron in Aries, find it difficult to maintain balance within how we use our inner power. We can often become over-powering in our relationships or under-powered. Because of this, we struggle with low-self esteem and self-identity issues and with feelings of disempowerment. Due to this wounding around power, we may often draw power plays into our lives to help us redress our balance of power.

As we work through more of our deepest core wounding, we begin to birth through higher gifts. In the case of Chiron in Aries, it is our ability to lead others, heal others and work with energy in a powerful way.

Find out what your chiron wounding is and how it may be impacting on your life.

Discover how to clear more of your deepest core wounding, in order to birth through your divine gifts.

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