Energy forecast for July 2019

Energy forecast for July 2019

 This month of July has brought with it an influx of new energies. It is going to be another fast-paced month.

We kicked the month off with a full solar eclipse and new moon. Eclipse energy tends to shake and stir things up for us, on an emotional, mental and physical level. A new moon brings new beginnings and this July new moon feels similar to the start of a New Year energy, when we feel a strong desire to make changes in our personal lives.

There will be eclipses and planetary retrogrades to help support us this month. This very personal energy will be driving us to work on different aspects of ourselves and therefore, it is important to remember that everyone is at a different stage of their evolution and soul growth.

We are now experiencing a second Eclipse season this year (the first one being in January) – The eclipse family before that took place in 2001! Eclipse families move in 18-year cycles. The eclipse happens when there is a total alignment between the sun, moon and the Earth and it will feel like a reset for us.

We need to use this auspicious cosmic thrust to help clear & declutter our life. During this month, there will be a great deal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing and going over old ground.


The key dates in July:

Over the next two weeks, we have an eclipse doorway of opportunity between the two eclipses of this month. This gives us opportunities to awaken, align to soul and accelerate our growth, if we so wish.

Remember, we are now operating under a 5D frequency – we need to use our wisdom and become more self-responsible, not hide ourselves away, but shine our light and walk our talk.

Allow our energy to extend and expand out into our surroundings, feeling and acknowledging it’s impact on others. We are infinite beings of light that do not stop at our physical body.

During the month of July, there will be 6 planets in retrograde: Chiron, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune – Because of these retrogrades, there will be a lot going on for us and a lot of going over old ground.

July 8th, will see a return of Mercury in retrograde. When this planet is in retrograde, we will experience a communication overhaul under the influence of Mercury, the ruler of Communication. This will push us to be more open, truthful, transparent and communicative.

On July 10th , Chiron will be in retrograde. We will be given the opportunity to clear more of our deepest core wounding as this may play out for us.

This month will be reflective of the July 2001 eclipse energies. When we look back to this period, we will be able to appreciate just how much we have evolved since then.

In 2001, the planet would have just entered a new Millennium, the start of a 1000-year cycle. The energies were very new and were just being embedded.

Now, 18 years later, we are anchoring in and working with this energy at a much higher level!

July 16th - 17th will see a full moon and partial lunar eclipse. The energy at this time will feel very powerful. Around this time, the eclipse doorway opportunity closes and we will be in a post eclipse period until the end of month when we will be driven to tying up loose ends.

At end of month, meteor showers will occur, making our dream state very vivid & lucid. We may even experience out of body travel whilst asleep. Trust and allow it to happen, knowing that it is happening for our highest good.

On July 31st will be the first of 3 super-new moons in a row. These lunar frequencies will be greatly amplifying whatever is going on for us.

We are becoming the custodians of this new energy by anchoring it into our new 5D reality. We are learning to hold our light around others, shine our wisdom, not engage in the drama or project our negativity onto others.

We never stop growing and so let’s enjoy our personal transformation!