3rd Dimensional or a 5th Dimensional consciousness?

Humanity has the capacity to exist in multi-dimensions all at once. We were all living with a 3rd Dimensional consciousness up until the period of 1999-2012 when the Global Grid matrix (a grid of light and energy that surrounds and sustains our planet and cosmos) experienced a huge shift, resulting in a change of frequency of the Earth’s energy.

Humanity and our physical planet as a whole, were impacted by these shifts in the global grid which impacted upon our consciousness and caused a new 5th Dimensional (5D) template to be overlaid onto the old 3rd Dimensional (3D) one.


When we live with a 3D focus


When operating purely from 3D awareness, people tend to ignore their Spirituality, have little or no spiritual beliefs, or can be stuck in religious dogma. They tend to see things in black and white, with little or no understanding of Universal ways and magic. They will often get caught up in daily drama, gossip, conflict and easily create painful situations for themselves.

They can become entrenched in a victim mentality that causes them to blame everyone else for what is theirs to own. They struggle to see the bigger picture and spiritual meaning behind the circumstances that play out in their lives.


When we live with a 5D focus

It usually takes someone to undergo a few wake-up calls to shift their consciousness into a 5D reality. Often a life crisis causes them to re-evaluate and look for the deeper purpose to their life.

When operating under 5D awareness, people have a strong spiritual connection and understand that their words, thoughts, feelings and actions impact upon everyone in their reality, including themselves.

When people resonate at a heart and Soul level, they direct life via their inner feelings and intuition. This is a 5th Dimensional (5D) way of operating. Their mind is being constantly inspired, through thought, intuition, imagination and daydreaming. They tend to take full responsibility for what they choose to create and experience in their lives, and their sense of compassion and understanding for themselves and others deepens as they stay focused on their higher calling.

The world appears the same in 5D reality, but people become much more considered in everything they do and their new reality feels less harsh and more softened when focused on the 5D.

As they awaken and open up to 5D consciousness, they naturally become more self-responsible. Being self-responsible helps them to make wise and perfect choices for themselves. Often their choices are for the highest good of all and not just for themselves.


They may start to see gaps forming between themselves and those closest to them. They may even feel naturally inclined to move away from people who purely operate in 3D consciousness because time spent with them can become draining and uninspiring, especially at first.


Relationships can go through big challenges, if one awakens and the other is not ready to yet. Once awakened, people may be evolving at an accelerated rate, and loved ones may not be. We have to remember that we are all at different levels of consciousness. This is Soul’s choice and we must respect the timing of our own awakening to our divine self and the free will of all.


Those who choose to operate at a 3D level, won't notice much of a difference in everyday life, but may not feel comfortable around people who are living a 5D reality. This is because they feel the shift in consciousness and may even feel confronted by it!


People who operate at a 5D level of consciousness, will naturally turn away from that which doesn't align with, feed, nurture and inspire their higher soul self. For example, people, hobbies, creative pursuits and career paths may change. They will start to attract others who are also operating with a 5D awareness.


Relationship breakdowns are common during a changeover to 5D consciousness. But 5D awareness can also often bring willing souls even closer together.


Sometimes people can feel sad and alone when starting to operate on a higher frequency. This does pass, as they find a way to be their new higher soul self around others.


As they move away from old dramas, a new ‘more supportive’ life creates itself around them. Their life choices will rapidly shift and they will choose healthy and nourishing options for themselves.


They will re-visit their past and old patterns and this enables them to see clearly how limiting it was to get angry with others in the old 3D way.