Key cosmological events in May and how they will impact upon us

The month of May will feel very similar to the month of March in energetic terms. March was a ‘power’ month due to various cosmological events such as the Spring Equinox and supermoons. This month we will be experiencing some incredibly powerful planetary alignments.


The influx of new energies that are coming in this month will feel different to April’s energy. May energy will be impacting on us all and will be more expansive, therefore opening our consciousness up more. Throughout the month, it is important that we see the bigger picture in all aspects of our lives and keep a long range view.


This month will bring a big influx of energy and things may seem chaotic at times. We will experience a lot of change and flexibility will be required to enable us to flow smoothly through May. Energy moves in waves like the sea – and there will be highs and lows throughout the month. These ups and downs will occur very rapidly and we will need to learn to ride these waves – enabling more flow, ease and synchronicity in our lives (if we are not resisting the changes)! Following a peak of energy, we may feel intense tiredness. During these periods, we need to slow down in order to integrate the shifts within ourselves.


We have angelic assistance on earth, helping us to keep balanced and centred throughout the shifts in frequency and the changes that those shifts bring about. We will have plenty of opportunities to template a new way of being and to anchor this into our reality, showing loved ones and those in our lives how to be centred and balanced during intense times.


Throughout the month, we will be given opportunities to be the rock or the light bearer for our family unit and to understand that we are doing so, because soul has guided us and we are doing our internal work, by embodying our beliefs and spiritual practice.


Be prepared and empowered with the key cosmological dates in May


May 4th-5th - new moon period. This is a good time to contemplate upon and initiate new changes that we would like to put in place for this month. Perhaps we will be drawn to trying out new hobbies, or to have more creativity in our lives, etc.


May 6th - we will be midway to the Summer Solstice. There will be Meteor showers peeking at this time – so we will be getting lots of messages from soul and from our dreams, if open and receptive. Ask for guidance if needed.


May 11th - 12th – a cosmic kite will be forming in the skies – this will bring through a powerful energy. We will perhaps be undergoing initiations or times of struggle to help us understand the lessons we need to learn for our higher good. We need to see the bigger picture in all things and not get so caught up in the drama of situations. We may see a lot of unrest and change at a global level too. Old systems are breaking down and changing to a higher existence!


May 18 - 19th – will be the start of the full moon period. Full Lunar energy is very amplifying, therefore things may seem a little intense over this period. This is a good time for self-care and nurture. If you can, book in for a high frequency healing, such as Transference healing; pay attention to your diet, eating cleanly where possible and connect to nature over this period.


Up to May 29th – we will be assimilating and integrating this energy and the new shifts, so it is time to slow down and take a breath. We may feel like we have less energy at this time.


May 30 - 31st  – we will experience the final upsurge of energy for the month and we will be driven, once again, to step up and show the world who we truly are.

Throughout the month, we will be given opportunities to step up into the role of spiritual leader within our family unit and circle of friends. By practicing our spiritual leadership skills and embodying our beliefs by walking our talk, we are able to live our life on a higher level and not get so caught up in the drama. Being selective with which situations and events we get involved in, is crucial at this time. By staying on our path, we are being rewarded by becoming the rock or guiding light for ourself and others. We have worked hard to get to this point and it is important to acknowledge this for ourselves!