Adjusting and surrendering to the Universal forces

Erratic energy


The month of May 2019, has brought an energy which feels very expansive, fast-paced and erratic – providing us with lots of opportunities to see the bigger picture and to hold our light through tricky situations and circumstances.


This week beginning Monday 13th May, there have been spectacular geometric shapes forming in the skies between planets, the moon and Earth. We are being driven to rise up and see our self and our life from our biggest potential. With Jupiter in retrograde, we are being pushed to look at how we value ourselves and create new opportunities.


Have you been feeling the ups and downs in the energy?


People have been struggling with the peaks and ebbs in the energy, which is impacting upon our emotional landscape.


We may be feeling at peace, joyful, connected and then suddenly a thought pops into our mind triggering feelings of insecurity, low self-worth and even depression.


By approaching life from a cosmic perspective, we remember that we are all connected and that our actions, intent, feelings and thoughts, not only impact upon ourselves but upon others as well.


We need to continually rise above our feelings or negative situations to see that bigger picture. This reminds us that higher forces are at play in our life, over which we have no control.


We are being tested by soul this month, on our ability to rise above human drama – and to apply the wisdom that we have learnt so far, since the beginning of this year.


By reminding ourselves that situations, feelings or physical symptoms come up to clear, this enables us to master our internal emotions a little more, that may have created them in the first place!


Feel gratitude for our momentous shifts and changes


 As we look back at our selves and see how much we have shifted, it is important to honour ourselves for the internal work that we have done to enable the shifts and self-transformation!


This gratitude enhances our self-love and enables us to radiate out that love to others. It also enables us to hold our light and hold a space for others to do the same – as our intent ripples out. Remember, all that we do, think and feel, not only impacts on ourselves but upon others as well!


At the time of our birth, we all come in at different stages of spiritual and personal growth – due to our past life experiences. Everyone struggles in different ways and everyone has life lessons to learn. All of our lessons help us to grow and embody more light and wisdom. By focusing on our own personal path – we do not get side-tracked by another’s!