Are you feeling the magic?

Over recent months, we have been through a huge amount of intense change that has given rise to many shifts and changes within our consciousness and reality.


April has brought with it, a new energy of steady growth and continual change. We may need space, time, solitude and introspection to assimilate and deal with the feelings that this change brings about, especially this week, as we get used to the new pace of energies. Deep memories and emotions may surface this week. Being honest and forthright with ourselves, will enable revelations to be made at this time.


Yesterday (Wednesday 10th April), Jupiter commenced its annual retrograde and will continue to be in retrograde until mid August 2019. Humanity, as a whole, will be impacted and may have feelings of self-doubt, low-self worth and lethargy that surface during this week.


We may find that our time, energy and personal space is being invaded at the moment by others who feel our light. We need to therefore be discerning about who we spend our time with, in order to keep our vibration high. Being outside in nature in wooded areas where possible, is essential for our sense of well being.


With Jupiter in retrograde, it is an auspicious time to explore our full potential and start work on personal projects. We will have opportunities to gain clarity and focus on our goals. It is a time to dream big, take action and manifest our desires.

We may need to push past self-imposed limitations, doubts and fears; and keep work-focussed and diligent on our goals.


Jupiterian energy drives us to look at our personal success, sense of abundance, life’s purpose, the work we do and how we value ourselves generally.


At the start of this week, I did my usual totem card reading for the Whisper Tree Community and Unicorn was one of the cards that came up in the reading. I love Unicorn frequency and I am resonating with it at the moment. On Tuesday 9th April, it was National Unicorn day, which gives a lovely synchronicity and confirmation to the reading.


Unicorn embodies magic, fairies and the elemental frequencies of nature. Almost every culture has unicorns in its mythology, art and symbolism. Unicorns have been trending in the UK, for such a long time, mainly with children’s clothing and accessories. I feel this is because they represent something so pure and magical that resides at the heart of each and every one of us.


Unicorns are said to roam in enchanted forests where magic and fairies exist. Most people believe that fantasy kingdoms exist only in our hearts and imagination. I believe that Unicorns help us to re-connect to the Fairy Kingdoms and Angelic realms which are parallel realities that co-exist with our world.


Unicorns hold a pure frequency that helps us to throw caution to the wind and to reconnect and feel the magic that surrounds us. It enhances our connection to the elemental frequencies of nature and even helps us to reconnect to the ancient and lost world of Lemuria, which predates Atlantis.


Fairies are believed to travel inter-dimensionally on Unicorns to enter the different realms and return to visit those who are pure of heart, mainly children. They help us to be sustained in the light and to radiate our light outwards. They help children to open up and connect to the magical realms of the angelic and fairy kingdoms and also to retain as much of their innocence as possible as they grow up, protecting them from traumatic experiences.


For adults, it helps us to heal inner child pain and open up our hearts to the magical forces at play in our lives.


Are you feeling the magic? I certainly am!