The importance of self-acceptance for authenticity

This week beginning Monday 4th March 2019, planetary re-alignments are forming incredible geometric lines of energy between the planets. This is enabling our consciousness to rise. This month of March is a power month and we are yielding the results of all the clearing that we have been doing over the past few months.


We are now ready to take inspired action and commence our personal changes, anchoring them onto our reality. This month will be a fast-spaced month. We will have more of an ability to see the bigger picture in our lives and therefore pushed to be open to newness and variety.


On March 5th to 6th, the planet Mercury starts to retrograde for about 3 weeks. When Mercury, the ruler of communication, is in retrograde (this occurs 3 – 4 times a year), we are being drawn to going over old ground and enter a period of self-evaluation. This period regresses us and past acquaintances may resurface in our lives. This presents us with a golden opportunity to shift old energy between us so that we can rekindle the relationship in a more positive way.


We have also had a new moon this week, which always signifies new beginnings and new action steps to take. A new moon also encourages and inspires reflection on what has been and what we have achieved during the last lunar cycle.


This is a 3:3:3 year, so a year of deep change and transformation for all of us. We are being pushed energetically to bring in these changes into our lives, to speak our truth and show the world who we truly are.


This week, therefore, I felt guided to talk about being and honouring our authentic self by re-connecting not only with our higher, divine self but also accepting and connecting to all aspects of ourself.


So what are all the aspects of ourself?


Our personality self is shaped by our beliefs and experiences. Our ego is the part of our personality that likes to be in control and in the driving seat. The ego is driven by fear that pushes us to control and manipulate situations, outcomes and people in our lives. We also have what I like to call our shadow self which incorporates negative patterning, behaviours and tendencies that we all have. Lastly, we have our divine, soul or higher self. All of these aspects are very much part of who we are. We need to recognise all these aspects of ourselves to continue our path of spiritual growth and personal development.


To embrace our authentic self, we must first learn to accept all of these parts, recognising them for what they are. Not allowing the ego and shadow-self aspects to take over is also important. The more we accept all parts of our self, the more we can shine our raw, real, beautiful self out into the world. As we do so, we start to develop our inner-strength and strengthen our sense of self.


Our sense of self creates a stability within us, that enabling us to detach from other people’s energy, intent, thoughts and feelings. We start to accept others, becoming patient and strong with them, as we have become of our self. And we may even find that we are becoming beacons of light for our loved ones, the spiritual trail blazer within the family unit.


As we walk our talk more, becoming that shining, authentic example for others, remember to pause before taking action or communicating. Explain to others that you need a moment to ‘process’ or ‘take on board’ what has just been communicated to you. Become more responsive rather than reactive. This allows you to connect in with your intuitive self and obtain higher guidance for the best way forward for everyone concerned.

People will feel this shift in your intent and it will give them permission to do the same.