The aftermath of this intense cosmological period

The cosmological events over the past 3 weeks, have taught us so much about ourselves on a personal and spiritual level! We have been through an incredible amount of clearing and releasing on the mental, emotional and physical planes and for many of us, this period has felt like an intense wake-up call! Humanity as a whole, has been very impacted, consciously or unconsciously, by these energies.


During and following this period of intensity, I feel that people have been impacted differently and have witnessed a lot of fear surfacing in people. Many of my clients have experienced depression-related symptoms and intense tiredness. There has also been a lot of resistance to change in the community where I live.


Over the last few days, I have personally felt, the intensity of these energies starting to ebb a little, although for others, this intensity is still continuing to play out in their daily lives, through different circumstances.


Mercury in retrograde is drawing to a close this week, although we will still feel it’s post shadow effect until the beginning of April and will still be driven to tie up loose ends and speak our truth.


We are now busy assimilating the newness that these changes have brought about and therefore it is important to prioritise self-care, good nutrition and balancing exercise, to help support us with our transformation.


We need to keep taking the next steps to acting upon what we love to do. The Universe will support us! By staying open to any assistance that comes our way, whatever shape or form it takes, this will provide us with much needed support.


By visualising ourselves in the future and where we would love to be in our life, will enable us to think and act more expansively, helping us to live more of our life’s purpose, every day.


If we find that we are still stuck within a pattern of behaviour, we can ask the Universe for guidance. We will begin to understand our lessons and gain realisations on why we struggle with certain aspects of our life, be it relationships, intimacy, negative and destructive patterns, etc.


Our psyche and intuition is heightened at the moment. It is a good time to pay attention to our dreams and write down the messages that come through from spirit, in our dreamtime. Getting into the habit of journaling any conscious intuitive guidance regarding personal change is also a good idea, as we may not always be in a position to act upon it immediately!


In January and February, when there was a lot of collective clearing of negative and dense energies, empathic people will have most likely struggled with the shifts in energy. Empaths are hypersensitive and have the ability to read other people’s emotions, but can become very impacted by them.


Empaths naturally serve as filters for negativity on the Earth. Just as trees and plants filter and oxygenate the air, they clear denser and more negative energies. Because of this empathic ability, they will have much more karmic patterning and fear surfacing for release, than those who are less sensitive to energy. Empaths even attract that which needs balance. Rather like a cat which goes to the most negative person in a room first - to heal and balance their energy...Because of these higher gifts, they make exceptional healers and energy workers.

Empathic or not - keeping ourselves and our space clean and clear - through nutrition, exercise, lifestyle shifts, intention and energy work, is essential when being impacted by intense cosmological happenings.