How are you living your spirituality?  

How have you been experiencing the intensity of the energies over this past week to 10 day period?


March has been a powerful and fast-paced month so far – with this week (beginning Monday 18th March) being an important week energetically speaking for this month.


In preparation for the Spring Equinox, which is a new beginning energetically and astrologically, humanity, as a whole, has been doing a lot of physical, emotional and mental clearing. On Wednesday 20th – 21st March, we welcomed the Spring Equinox and the final full moon as a super moon of 2019, in the Northern hemisphere. We have been supercharged over a 48-hour period, with all of this cosmological energy.


Mercury is still in retrograde and many of us have been feeling stressed, unable to sleep, unfocussed, heavy and even depressed at times. A lot of my clients have also been suffering with headaches, which can be a sign that the crown chakra is opening up, as we reconnect to our divine self. Personally, I have felt like I have been inside a pressure cooker for the past week. Fortunately, I have been able to run energy on myself to help me shift through these feelings and keep me balanced.


We are being very driven energetically to clear up our self-image and how we show ourselves to the world. We may therefore be drawn, at the moment, to alter our appearance in some way; upgrade our social media presence or change the way in which we communicate to others.


Our psychic, intuitive and telepathic senses are heightened. It is an optimal time to gain clarity on the changes we would like to make in our lives and to anchor them into our reality.

This week, in particular, we are being asked to go within and still the mind, opening our receptivity to revelation and clarification.


Have the faith that we have all we need to move through any situation with more ease and grace.


In order to cope in these intense times, it is important to bring our own unique sense of spirituality into our everyday life, as much as possible.

In order to help support us in this, I have shared below a prayer that I channelled through.


If this prayer resonates with you, repeat it to yourself regularly.


My daily prayer for higher consciousness



·      I see every situation and circumstance from a higher perspective.

·      I ask myself ‘what I can learn from this?’

·      I know that I am always loved and divinely guided by the Universe.

·      I know that everything in my life is divinely orchestrated for my higher good.

·      I have faith and trust in the Universe.

·      I am grateful for all lessons, however hard and I understand that they provide me with a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth.

·      I do not get caught up in emotional drama.

·      I take ownership of negative emotions and I do not project them out or blame others.

·      I surrender to the waves of intensity, simply allowing my feelings to dissolve.

·      I release and purify my emotional, mental and physical body.  

·      I understand that my words, feelings, actions and intent impact not only on myself, but upon others too!

·      I act with deliberate consciousness in everything that I do.

·      I pause and speak more from the heart.

·      I radiate love and light from the heart to myself and others.

·      I am a beacon of light for others, giving them permission to be the same.

·      I am filled with joy, light and love for myself and other.


Sent with love,