When it is OK to not to be OK

March 2019 is revealing itself to be a power month,  fast-paced and bringing with it many changes for us all.


Next week, we have the Spring Equinox which will feel like a new beginning, astrologically speaking. We will also have a full moon in supermoon (last of the three). Therefore, we are clearing ourselves on all levels, in preparation for this happening.


It feels like we are going through a huge detoxification process on an energetic, emotional and physical level. Physical symptoms are surfacing for many of us, as we shift and change to embody more light.


A lot of people seem to be suffering from headaches, feelings of disorientation, ringing in the ears, periods of intense tiredness and nausea, etc. This is because our energy body is getting affected by the shifts in frequency, orchestrated by cosmological and astrological happenings. Our energy body is like a blue print which impacts on our emotional body and subsequently our physical body.


I feel that we are going through such an intense period of change this year, that we are having to integrate all of these changes quickly, leaving us feeling disorientated, confused and even fearful at times. Some of us may even be pulling up grief around losing aspects of our self.


It is vital to support our selves as much as possible, at the moment. By considering ourselves to be in a detoxification period and therefore adopting a light and fresh diet with plenty of water and a minimum of junk food, would be a great start! Salt baths, moving as much as possible and being outside to connect with nature would also help support us, physically and emotionally.


If you are feeling stuck and are struggling, then book in for a Transference Healing, this will support you energetically and help to shift you through!


Check out our Healing page:




At this time, we may also be getting lots of inspiration in our waking or dream state, regarding our personal transformation and change. It is an auspicious time to take note of any ideas - writing them down and ensuring to take inspired action upon them, as soon as we are ready and able to.


We may find, amidst the intensity, that our priorities are also shifting and changing because we have so much to accomplish!!


We will be continually upgrading ourselves to reflect these personal changes. The way we present our self generally, our appearance, or even our social media presence will probably start to change. This is an auspicious time to be showing our authentic self.


Mercury is in retrograde this month and is asking us to be diligent and thorough in all that we do. Pay attention to our inner conversations and those that we have with others. Act in the moment with consciousness and check our intent before speaking or taking action.


We may be experiencing dense and heavy emotions at this time because Mercury is asking us to look over old ground.  Because of this, past acquaintances may be resurfacing, enabling us to clear the energy and rekindle our relationship in a more positive way.


This is also an auspicious time to be enhancing and developing our intuitive skills. Creating time to hear those soul whispers and getting into the habit of stilling ourselves regularly, is important.


Once in that still state of receptivity, we can obtain guidance by simply asking the questions that need answering - out loud or in our head. Pay attention, our soul whispers can be so subtle at first, that we hardly hear them. Build the faith and trust that what we are sensing, hearing or feeling, is our intuitive guidance and not our own wishful or fearful thoughts.


Just like nature herself, we are cyclical beings and so are not in full bloom 100% of the time. We have many periods within a day, month or year where we feel introspective. We want to withdraw and do not feel sociable. We need to honour these times and surrender to them as much as possible. It may seem like we are going against the grain of social conditioning, by surrendering, resting and withdrawing during these introspective moments, but it is essential to our wellness to surrender to these times and honour ourselves within that.