Letting go of restrictive emotions


The January 2019 post eclipse phase has now ended. Humanity, as a whole, has experienced an enormous energy shift during this eclipse season. Comparing ourselves as we are now to how we were before December 2018, enables us to appreciate the many changes that have occurred within ourselves.


Following on from this eclipse period, all of these changes now have to be integrated. There are no planetary retrogrades until March this year and so nothing is holding us back energetically. This is the time to be anchoring more of our dreams and desires into our reality.


Centering and introspection are required to gain clarity and intuitive guidance around what we need to focus on right now with regards to our inner changes.


We need to use this energy to refocus and get clear on our potential projects. Our gut instincts are spot on right now. We have the influence of Venus at the beginning of February, helping us to be more heart centred and intuitive.


With Jupiter’s influence – the energies become very expansive at this time – again supporting us in our quest for self-transformation.


Getting clear as to whether we need help to start or complete our projects and whether there are any limiting beliefs and fears that are holding us back from realising our dreams, is important.


With any kind of change and transformation, deep-seated and suppressed emotions that have limited us, will rise to the surface.


Remember that they are coming up to clear, enabling us to bring in and birth new aspects of ourselves. This is part of a very natural process. Negative emotions, will have restricted and kept us locked in a patterning for so long, that we have been unable to move forwards and have become blocked as a result.

They can originate from painful childhood memories and even deep trauma from past and present lifetimes!

Remember, thoughts and feelings are not who we are and they certainly do not define us! They are simply experiences for each and everyone one of us to have. We simply tend to give them too much power. 

To enable us to release them a little more, we need to set the intent to allow those thoughts to surface, feel them and then allow them to release and dissolve in their own time, without attaching our mental thoughts to them.

Remember that planetary re-alignments and cosmological events will trigger clearing and deep releasing from within us. This is an inevitable and natural cycle that we all go through, whether we are aware of it or not. Spiritual practices, such as meditation and high frequency healing modalities such as Transference Healing will also release blockages and break down negative patterning within the body.  They will also support us through the shifts.