Stepping into our power


Humanity as a whole, experienced intense energy shifts last week, during the full moon supermoon period. We are now integrating these shifts and are being given an opportunity to see, from a bird’s eye perspective, a higher view and understanding of our life. When we see from a higher perspective, we no longer get so caught up in the drama that life and negative circumstances bring to us. We start to gain clarity and understanding over the aspects of our lives that have perhaps eluded us up until now.  


This week the moon is drawing to her last quarter, bringing a sense of completion. It is a good time to finish off any tasks. We can enjoy more groundedness and with Mars and the sun in alignment, we are being gifted with resolve and action. It is important, therefore, to take that action, at present. If we are unsure about which direction to take, simply pause for inspiration, insight and guidance.


It is an optimal time to get busy, start new projects and embrace your own style and sense of uniqueness within that.


We will know what to say and do in the moment, our intuition being strong. It is a good time to practise speaking straight from the heart and pausing before speaking to gain centredness and heart connection, enabling our words to radiate love.


We have now entered the Chironic age of Aries. Chiron is a minor planet that delegates our deepest core wounding. Chiron has just entered the constellation of Aries and humanity is learning to step into its power.


Because of this Chironic Aries age, we may be experiencing imbalances in the way we hold and use our power, as we learn to become more powered within ourselves. We can sometimes be overpowered with others and too much in our ego. Or, we can often be underpowered by giving our power away to others.


This tendency is often due to feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth.


Sometimes, we surrogate others when we feel responsible for them, not allowing them to make their mistakes. This can be very depleting and draining for us and at times also very disempowering.


When we give our power away to others, we are leaking our energy to them. Once this starts to happen, we become very impacted by negative energies from our environment. We quickly become depleted on a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level. Mentally and emotionally, we find it hard to be resilient to negative thoughts and feelings. We may even experience a little depression. Over a long period of time, we become exhausted physically. When we are depleted, re-connection to our hearts becomes difficult and increasing disconnection from spirit, more likely.


We find it hard to resource and rejuvenate from nature’s source energy or our own spiritual connection and practices. A negative downward spiral starts to form and we become more impacted by negative thought projections and power plays.


This downward spiral of negativity limits us and restricts us from reaching our full potential.


When depleted, the Feeling Vortex, a large energy centre incorporating both the solar plexus and sacral chakras, is too open. The Feeling Vortex, generates and weaves energy into the whole of our etheric body. Source energy also enters in through our Feeling Vortex, whether of a lower or higher vibration. If the Feeling Vortex has been open for a while, we will feel the struggle. By shutting down the Feeling Vortex, we shut down our sensitivity, so that we do not feel so energetically drained.


The Feeling Vortex procedure in outlined in the Beyond Doorways book, written by Alexis Cartwright, Founder of Transference Healing.