Happy Valentine's Day. Are you feeling the love?

This is a day of LOVE not only for others but for us too.  How is your heart feeling on this day of love? Are you experiencing this higher vibrational energy of love that will be impacting on most of humanity as the day goes on? We will be able to connect in a deeper and more loving way to others today. Acts of kindness, however small, for yourself, as well as for others, are important today. Honour the self and others with love today!


The year 2019 is bringing to humanity, lighter and more positive frequencies. In consequence, we are being called to break down old paradigms and negative patterning, so that our ego can no longer run the show! We have to ‘get out of our own way’, so that we can surrender to our higher self, enabling soul to come through.  We are letting go, de-coding & re-coding in preparation for the year ahead.  

Consequently, we are being driven to be more in alignment with our higher selves, more intuitive and heart-connected. These new frequencies are pushing us all to be open to change.  

Although we may desire this transformation, we fear it within ourselves! It is painful to relive old wounds and unresolved emotions that can surface when we open up our hearts. But we cannot be 'in our hearts' and also in judgement simultaneously, blaming others or trapped in a victim-hood.

This week, the cosmic energy is strong with two powerful alignments in Mars and Mercury. Mars energy holds the masculine principle and resonates with fire. It enables us to make ‘on the spot’ decisions and to take quick action.


Our intuitive guidance is heightened right now, as we lead more with soul. Be bold and forthright with your intentions, following through with actions. This will give permission to others to do the same.


Mercurian influence gives us the courage to speak our truth this week and remember, our growing connection to our higher self, enables us to speak from an intuitive and heart-felt space.