What happens when we set our intent to do something for our personal and spiritual growth  

Have you ever noticed that when you set your intent to create positive change in your life, you often get limiting and fearful thoughts rising up?


Do you ever have those little gremlins that whisper in your ear when you are thinking about creating making changes in your life?


‘I haven’t got enough money to do that!’ or ‘what if I grow apart from my partner?’ or ‘what if the kids suffer because I am going to need more time to focus on this, right now?’ or ‘I do not deserve to spend this amount of money on myself!’


Sound familiar?


This is all part of what we call in Transference Healing, the ‘Purification’ and ‘Integration’ process. It is something that we all experience in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.


As soon as we recognise those limiting thoughts that block our soul’s growth, remember that the reason we have not already taken the steps to bring about the change and transformation, is because of those exact same thoughts. They are simply coming up for us to recognise them for what they are and to let them go!


These limiting thoughts have been like a broken record in our heads for most of our lives!


Our point of power is surrendering to our limiting blocks in the moment as they surface. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to release more of these restrictive thoughts that have kept us locked in and small!


Often, when we are attending training workshops and events, particularly in the spiritual industry, we feel on a natural high as our vibration is uplifted and our frequency shifts. We then return to our lives at the end and we have to integrate the shifts that have occurred during the event or training.


We can often feel frustration and even resentment, once back at home. We sense that our frequency has shifted within us whilst everything around us seems stagnant or mismatched.


In this moment, it is vital to remember and understand that we are going through an Integration process. We need to surrender to and let go of any negative feelings that come up for us, during this time. Those in our lives will most likely catch us up, at some point and so we need to stop overcontrolling and simply surrender to these feelings.


This is when the real work begins and in order to make those shifts sustainable within us, we must continue to surrender to the feelings and thoughts that surface and then let them go!