How to shift karmic entanglement and create harmony and balance within your relationships

We have just experienced an intense two weeks of clearing, cleansing and shifting eclipse energies. A full lunar eclipse on a supermoon (the first of three in a row), occurred in the early hours of Monday 21st January 2019. This full lunar eclipse has now closed the eclipse doorway and opportunities for deep releasing of old energies that no longer serve us. Over the next few days, I suggest that you take things easy, allowing the processing and integration of these clearing energies. If you have allowed the shifts to occur within yourself, now is the time to integrate these changes and welcome in new aspects of yourself into your life.

With these eclipse energies, many of my clients, friends and family have been feeling very depleted; experiencing headaches; mood fluctuations and unexplained transitory physical symptoms.

We are experiencing a major energetic reset this year and are being cosmically pushed to throw caution to the wind and surrender to these changes.

This is the year for new ideas, dreams and opportunities. We have to be open to receive the divine whisperings and embrace the transformation.

A big part of the changes for everyone this year, include letting go of limiting emotions and karmic entanglement. At the moment, we have a golden opportunity for the deep release of old karmic patterns. Karma is likely to be playing out in our lives when we continually think about someone or a group of people and we do not understand the reasons why.

We might want to communicate something to them or connect to them in some way. We could be feeling anxious for them or anger and resentment towards them.

When focussing on another person in this way – our energy will be impacting on them, through our thoughts and feelings. They will sense our energy and will most likely be thinking of us repeatedly too. Although they will not understand why either.

Depending on the frequency of our thoughts and feelings, our emotional energy will either weaken or strengthen the other person. The more negative and denser our thoughts, the lower our frequency, which in turn impacts on them by lowering their frequency.  

As they become impacted and triggered by our thoughts and feelings, that are directed towards them, they will simply deflect that energy back towards us. This in turn, will impact upon and lower our own frequency twofold.


How to shift this karmic entanglement


Before connecting to, or communicating with the other person, centering ourselves and bringing through a higher vibrational feeling of love for the other person, will support us. When coming from a heart centred place, the frequency of our words will reflect this.

This can only be a positive experience for everyone concerned. It will empower and neutralise the energy between us. If we can simply radiate love out to everyone in our lives, this will undoubtedly create harmonious relations, release limiting emotions and enable us to embrace change and transformation that the new energies are bringing.