Why we struggle to hold our sense of self in group situations

I believe that we have all lived through multiple if not many past lifetimes, possibly dating back to the ancient and lost civilisation of Atlantis.

At this magical time of Atlantis, we would have been incredibly spiritual beings, who knew how to harness nature’s energies and the crystalline forces to self-heal and live out incredible existences of abundance and self-mastery.

There was a mis-use and abuse of this healing and powerful energy, resulting in the eventual demise of Atlantis.

What was left of this civilisation was led to what became known as Ancient Egypt by the past ascended master - Thoth.  This civilisation of Atlantis had suffered a disconnection from spirit.

Whether our disconnection happened at this time or during other past lives, it is still present and deeply buried within our psyche. We experience it as a feeling of grief and separateness.

This is why it difficult for us to come together and unify in total harmony within a group. We have lost the ability to communicate, be at ease and keep our sense of self in a group situation. We often experience and even project our feelings of judgement and resentment towards others.  

When we find ourselves in a group situation, whether at work or in a social context, we often experience emotional triggers.

We tend to manipulate and control the situation and other people, often at a subconscious level, so that we no longer feel the denser and negative emotions that can surface for us.

When we respond in a negative way, we disconnect even more from our higher self. We lose the ability to be intuitive in our decision-making and find it difficult to find resolution. We find ourselves in a negative cycle that becomes very hard to break because of this disconnection to spirit!

At times of struggle, it may well appear to us that other people and the Universe are working and conspiring against us. However, we are the ones who are attracting these circumstances to ourselves, rather like a magnet.

Our higher self knows that we need these situations to help us grow and become emotionally stronger.

Ultimately, everything that happens to us in our lives, is divinely orchestrated by Spirit and The Universe – for our higher good. Each and every one of us is loved, protected and guided by the Universe!

Being mindful of this, supports us in times of struggle, to combat that victim mentality that no longer serves a purpose for us.


How can we help ourselves, when we struggle in these moments?


By ‘holding our light’ through difficult situations and group dynamics - all will resolve peacefully and with more ease and grace. The magic happens in the moment when we are getting triggered. If we do not engage; allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we are feeling, knowing that it is just a feeling and just a thought, without letting it get out of control, the feeling will clear and we will find peace and resolution.

To help with this process, I use a heart-centering technique:

I still myself and bring my focus down into the heart. I then bring through a feeling of love and allow that feeling to grow stronger and expand outwards.

This technique enables me to let go of any negativity and gently lifts my frequency. The energy around me responds to this shift in frequency.

The more we practice this technique in the moment, the stronger and more powerful it becomes for us.

Be disciplined with this practice and set the intent to come back to centredness throughout the day.