What to do when you are feeling blocked...

What to do when feeling blocked or unable to see a way forward…


From time to time, we can feel blocked and unable to move forwards with our lives.

Sometimes we can feel stuck in a situation and are unable to find an optimal solution…

We can even feel like we are destined for greater things but feel out of alignment with our true purpose.

Perhaps we have experienced the uncomfortable realisation that we don’t really know ourselves, who we are or what we want...

Or maybe we have a specific goal that we would love to achieve like weight loss or a dream job, but manifesting it is proving too difficult!

We have all experienced these feelings to varying degrees, probably influenced by how the stars have aligned in our chart, our upbringing, past life wounding, traumatic life events, etc.

All of these factors shape our beliefs, which in turn drive our decisions, behaviours, hopes, fears and simply the way that we see the world.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to know right from Day 1 what their life's purpose is? What about the people who are amazing decision makers? How do they know what is best for them in the moment?

These are the people who continually listen to their inner guidance, take action solely on their gut instinct and allow that inner voice to be heard!

We all have a purposegifts and talents - whether we are aware of them or not.

We could be gifted in making other people laugh; or destined to be a good listener; a great home maker, or even have a knack for making a home look beautiful.

Remember, our destiny and purpose and how we use our gifts does not necessarily have to an aspect of our career!

(Although I have heard of people who have taken their gifts to the next level – for example - a professional declutterer).

Using your gifts and talents and living your purpose will give you a sense of pleasure and fulfillment, especially if you value them within yourself…

Gifts and talents can come through at any age, but can become blocked because we may have chosen to ignore them, or they bring up fear for you. We may even feel that if we allow them to surface that it will change us or our relationships in some way.

I have had clients who have been fearful of their growing and developing psyche. As children growing up, they were very open but shut down through fear of seeing too much.

A great mantra to help with the unblocking of your gifts and talents or even purpose is to say to yourself: ‘this is my time and I am ready for the next step!’

Let the Universe know that you are ready to receive and would like guidance over a certain direction to take or decision to make.

If nothing comes through immediately for you, then pay attention during the day to seemingly significant signs, symbols and inner knowing. These will come through for you. 

Always pay attention to your inner guidance and do the things that you love to do – honour them, make time for them regularly, daily even, and focus on them…

You are showing the Universe that you are worth it. The Universe will respond and guide and support you…

Think back to your childhood. What did you love to do as a child and maybe spent hours doing? Make a list, however small, and start to do them.

I have a friend who is in her 60s, who has made a commitment to herself to try something new that she is drawn to doing, every month.

You are never too old, too fat, too thin, lack time, money or support to do the things you love to do. There are always other ways to do them….!

Honour yourself as you are so worth it!