Empowered or Disempowered?

Are you Empowered or Disempowered?


Being balanced in the way we use our power is an important step in our own empowerment process.


What do we mean by empowerment?


Empowerment is the way we use our own personal inner power and the intent or reason behind it.


We can be too much in our power and so tend to overpower others, or we can be too underpowered, therefore letting others yield their own power over us.


Neither are balanced ways of being. Sometimes we can swing a little either way, depending on who we are with, or how we are feeling emotionally.


In order to remain balanced as much as possible in the way we use our personal, inner power is largely dependent on how self-aware we are.


Throughout the day, ask yourself, “how am I feeling?” to get you into the habit of tuning into your emotional landscape.


Identify your feelings and thoughts. Try stilling yourself by taking a couple of deep, gradual breaths in and out through the nose.


This will help you connect more to your inner-self and allow you to detach from and observe your thoughts a little more without completely engaging with them.


Speaking Your Truth


Another aspect of being more balanced in your power or, in other words, empowered, is being able to speak your truth and radiate confidence whilst you express your true self.


As you become more empowered, your energy will shift and change. People in your immediate environment will feel this change. This is who you are, show yourself, be true to yourself and walk your talk!


Your positive shift can trigger people and you may find yourself prey to negative thought projection towards you!


Negative thought projection is simply the energetic impact of another’s negative thoughts and feelings towards you. If you are intuitive, sensitive or physically open you will be probably be experiencing this negative energy as a sudden heaviness, anxiety, etc. This is because you are picking up on negative thought projection.


If you are self-aware, you will sense that this is not your stuff but someone else’s and so try not to let yourself become too impacted by it!


How can I manage negative thought projection?


A good way to manage negative thought projection is to feel only love for that person. Bring them into your heart and surround them with this higher vibrational feeling. This will sever the impact of their negativity and you will see that they will respond slightly differently to you because they will feel your raised vibration.