Why decluttering feels so good!


Letting go of things that no longer serve us in our life really does feel good!


That desire for new changes for ourselves is a very natural part of who we are. More than we realise in fact!

To me, decluttering of things around the house, like clothes and objects, always feels cleansing and almost uplifting. Like a snake shedding its skin!

But have you ever wondered why we seem to be doing this at particular times of the year or at regular intervals? At the start of the new year, we are often drawn to doing massive decluttering and making new year resolutions...

This is because we are natural living beings that are of this Earth. We are therefore very closely entwined with Mother Nature, her vibrational energy and cycles...

You may be thinking, 'well I am not an outdoorsy person, farmer or go foraging for my food in hegderows, so don't feel connected to nature at all!

Whether we are consciously aware of this fact, or not, we all have a vibrational flow of energy that runs through us and connects each and every one of us. This is the same vibrational flow that governs the seasons, tides and cycles of the moon. So we are ALL connected to each other and to these natural cycles and our behaviours, moods and physical energy are, in part, affected by these cycles of nature.

We have Spring time, where everything grows and is bursting with new life. Summer time is where the eart is at it's fullest bloom, awake and full of energy. In Autumn things start to fade a little, trees and plants shed their leaves. In Winter little grows and there is the least amount of light. The animal world, for the large part, is conserving their energy or in hibernation till Spring time when the whole cycle starts again. 

The lunar cycle is often described in seasonal terms. Indeed, It is a well known and proven fact, that the lunar energy impacts on our own behaviours, moods and physical energy, depending on where we are in the cycle!

Our own female cycle is also often also described in seasons and effects us energetically in the same way.

So cycles exist within cycles, (including our own physical birth and death) and these cycles symbolise the death-rebirth process i.e. letting go of the old to make way for the new. New life, new flowers, new moons, new skin, etc.

Which brings me to our decluttering habits. This is why it is important, if we feel drawn, to declutter. It is a part of our natural cycle and will help us to get rid of the things that no longer serve us to make way for the new.

Things are constantly shifting and changing within these cycles. We are no longer the person that we were a year ago! Change is inevitable and the more we can accept and surrender to this very natural process, the better it is for us!

So decluttering can come in the form of upgrading as I like to think of it: upgrading our appearance (like a snake shedding it's skin). Getting rid of ornaments that we no longer like and painting our home (upgrading our environment). Upgrading our choice of films and books  to uplift and inspire us. Upgrading our exercise routine and the choice of foods we eat because they are better for us as we are today!

Decluttering can also come in the form of thoughts and feelings. Deciding to no longer focus on a particular negative thought or feeling can make way for huge shifts and changes in our lives because negativity can be very limiting and restrictive!

So decluttering the things in our life that no longer serve us is an important and natural thing to do because it helps us make way for the new things that are perfect for us in the NOW!


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