The healing power of water

The average person has between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. All of these thoughts have an energy which impacts on our physical environment, our physical bodies, mind and consciousness and on those around us. 

Science is very aware of the electromagnetic force field that emanates from our heart felt emotions and conscious waking thoughts, words and actions.

World reknown Japenese scientist, Dr Emoto, carried out many experiments to prove this concept.

He asked a number of people to pray good thoughts and feelings around samples of water of which he had taken magnified photos before and after. What he discovered was incredible! He managed to prove that the frequency of our thoughts and feelings is capable of altering the molecular structure of water, thereby altering the vibrational frequency which in turn impacts on our physical bodies and mind consciousness.

Remember, we are composed of 70% water and so explains why we get very impacted by the frequency of words, thoughts, feelings, action and intent.

This also explains how and why every dis-ease has a metaphysical aspect to it. (ref. Louise Hay)

It is therefore important to be aware of how we are thinking and feeling on a moment to moment basis! Look at what you are repeating to yourself on a daily basis and link it to the health conditions that you have suffered with in the past or are suffering with today.


It can be difficult to take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives, but it is a very empowering thought! It is in fact a gateway to our healing!!


Water is an amazing purifier – due to its beautiful crystalline structure.  It heals on a deep level physically but also emotionally – especially suppressed painful memories and physical ailments.

There has been a long association with wells, springs and sacred places and miraculous (in the sense that modern medecine cannot explain it) healing.


Ways in which we can connect, purify and heal with water is through salt baths, sea bathing, drinking crystal charged water and taking the waters.


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