How to connect with our angels and guides

Our Guardian angels

and spirit guides


Angels figure in many key religious texts around the world, including the Bible and the Qur'an - this I feel shows their diversity and true universal nature.

The word 'Angel' means messenger or emmissary. Angels deliver messages from God/the divine/Universe, whatever your own personal interpretation of 'God' may be.

Angels are of such a pure, high frequency and because of the frequency that they hold, they can only bring us love, joy and inner peace when we connect in with them. Indeed, when we do connect to them, an incredibly strong feeling of love washes over us!

Everybody has at least 1, 2 or even 3 Guardian Angels that are assigned specifically to them and who stay with them throughout their whole life. Their role is to protect, love, and cherish us as children of the Universe, which is how we are perceived by the Angelic realm.

We also have different Angel and Spirit Guides that come and go throughout our lives. Spirit Guides can be deceased loves ones or beings that were of the earth plane but have since ascended because they have reached a level of enlightenment and wisdom. Because of their level of unconditional love and compassion, they choose to be of service to humanity but from other realms.

Everyone has up to 33 Angels and Spirit Guides. These beings are of service and support us in different ways.

We have access to 'Runner' Guides that help our day run smoothly. They help us find the parking spaces and the perfect locations for us. Guides teach us in various ways. They may help us with a work project or bring through inspiring ideas to help with creative projects. Some Guides help us heal if we are in a health crisis. They may bring through the right specialist or product into our consciousness. 

We also all have access to religious Guides in the form of Saints and Deities. We can all pray to them regardless of our religion and spiritual practices. (for example St Anthony, a Catholic Saint is the keeper of lost things).


How to connect in with our Angels and Guides:


Often, when people start to connect with their Guardian Angels, they want some form of proof of their existence. I personally wanted to know my Guardian's name and desperately wanted to see them as I doubted my ability to connect with them at the time…

Trusting in this realm or in our ability to connect is often a big hurdle for many of us. However, try not to limit your sensory perception to just your sight when connecting in with them, as there are many ways their presence can be felt!

Stop and centre yourself and with your eyes closed, ask the Angels and Guides to give you a sign of their presence.


Angels and Guides appear to us in many different ways:


1.     The most common sign of an Angelic presence is to see feathers/winged creatures.

2.     Angels/Guides often appear as a feeling, both physical and emotional.

3.     Physical signs can include: buzzing in the ear; goose bumps; feeling a slight breeze brush past you; being aware of a shadow near you.

4.   A fragrance, or an unexpected taste of sweetness in your mouth.

5.     Emotional signs can include an overwhelming feeling of love and support washing over you.

6.     A Synchronicity of events;

7.     An awareness of symbols, e.g a particular logo on a passing vehicle.


Remember: There are many more ways that Angels and Guides can make their presence felt...


In order to faciltate your connection:

  •      Be open, trusting and receptive to those whispers of the heart! Our Guides and Angels communicate with us through our intuitive clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant channels.
  •      Notice how your physical body feels after you have received guidance from them. It is divine, intuitive guidance and it will be perfect for you. Your body will respond to these messages and the angelic frequencies.
    • Don't wait for an emergency! Set your intent to regularly connect in with your Guides and Angels, every day and moment by moment if possible. They love nothing more than to serve you!
    • Always give your thanks and gratitude to your Guides and Angels for their uncoonditional and continued love and support!